Friday, 15 May 2015
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Romagnano - Borghetto Borbera

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The crazy championship continues. Two weeks ago, after the equal of Cit Turin, Romagnano to -4 from the Cavallermaggiore and first place of the cuneesi in the safe after winning the Piedmont Cup.

Fifteen days after the incredible overtaking with the Romagnano who wins two consecutive home games and the Cavallermaggiore that falls in Biella and at home with the Futura Langhe. But if the statement last week of the grenade was clear, the same can not be said for the suffered 2-1 at Borghetto Borbera.
Accomplice a decidedly colorless first half, the girls of Decaroli went to the locker room at a disadvantage for a goal scored by Fossati at 40 'following a defensive distraction. In the second half, however, the Romagnano was presented with much more: after a low output of Marabelli that averted the doubling, the Novarese technician inserted the limping Donderi for Orgiu and at the 12 'Antonietti reiterated on the network the rejected by Albertazzi on Franco's shot. At 18 'overtaking: Franco's free-kick and Donderi's winning break.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Tuberga, Giannetti, Nidasio, Scalcon, Villarboito, Veronese, Antonietti, Franco, Pella (25'st Saglietti), Orgiu (10'st Donderi). Available: Godio, Cervellin, Colombaro, Lomazzi. All .: Decaroli.

Borghetto Borbera: Albertazzi, Pastorino, Travaglini, Pinasco, V. Bisio, Dabusti, Robbiano, Lupi, Negro, Fossati, Roncoli. Available: Votta, Calabrò, Roveda, Dameri. All .: P. Bisio.

Networks: 40 'Fossati (B), 12'st Antonietti (R), 18'st Donderi (R).

Referee: Erbetta di Novara.

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