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Coppa Piemonte Romagnano Final - Juventus

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2015 2016 Romagnano

Losing a final always hurts. If then we add the bitterness of having wasted so many occasions, it goes without saying that the disappointment is really difficult to dispose of. The Romagnano in recent seasons has been mocked several times: but even yesterday, at the end of a Piedmont Cup final lost undeservedly, the whole Sesian environment has been compacted, showing that it knows how to win even in defeats, remaining united. The first thought goes to Nadine Zaretti: yesterday's one in San Germano Chisone was her last match. Technical staff and companions have given them a chorus and a goodbye worthy of the best warriors: this is because Zaretti has always been an example, both on and off the pitch. But there is so much regret: the series B faded for just two points and an incredible cup final, in which the grenades have suffered little and wasted so much. "I think I can not say anything to the girls," said Mr. Davide Decaroli. "We did not exploit what was created and this is the only flaw, but a group like that, also united in defeat, deserved a very different season finale. I thank Nadine for everything I've done in these years: her presence has always been fundamental ".
But the words of Decaroli do not hide bitterness. The Romagnano has done everything possible; the only real recrimination is that the most greedy opportunities have not happened to the most decisive player in the goal zone of the entire season, that Rossella Donderi that the occasion had to make it practically alone, but hitting an unlucky crossbar. And to say that the Romagnano had also started well, touching the lead to the 11 'with Franco who, face to face with Rusolo, kicked against Juventus goalkeeper after a specific invitation by Zignone. The Novara team slowed down the pace only in the second half of the first half and Juventus proved to be cynical, going to the first chance: cross to the kiss of the wild Benatello and Falcone's winning header when the timekeeper scored the 32 '. To avoid the collapse, Marabelli then thought that at the 40 'he rejected with a foot the initiative of Tordella. In recovery Franco received a ball from Zaretti, but his conclusion from the limit was too central.
Those who thought of a Romagnano unable to react soon had to change his mind: in the first few minutes of shooting Franco and Pella wasted two good opportunities after stealing the ball in the opponent's area, then at 10 ', in the only initiative of the whole recovery , the bianconere doubled thanks to a sumptuous play by Martina Benatello. It seemed over, but Decaroli tried all of them and at the 22 'one of the substitutes, Elisa Tuberga, reopened the game by hitting an empty net after one of Zignone's last flashes. The talented grenade player in fact had to raise the white flag, yet the Romagnano has created three clear goal balls to extend the challenge to extra time. At 27 'Donderi won the ball in the area and hit the crossbar after finding the coordination in a handkerchief. At the 37 'a sparse output of Rusolo allowed Orgiu to kick at virtually empty door but finding only the outside of the network. The Juventus goalkeeper, however, was redeemed at 44 'by beating in two times the last desperate attempt of Buccella. Then, to the triple whistle, the tears: of joy those of the Turinese, of anger and sadness those of the grenade.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, Nidasio, Buccella, Zaretti (16'st Orgiu), Franco (9'st Tuberga), Antonietti, Donderi, Pella (33'st Sartore), Zignone (25'st Veronese). Available: Berghi, Zampieron, Scalcon. All .: Decaroli.

Juventus: Rusolo, Cardone, Chiavicatti, Falcone (32'st Mumicchi), Cupoli, Tomei (3'st Nicastro), Capello (34'st Milone), Mondino, Tordella, Sottil, Benatello (40'st Devoto). Available: Stranieri, Uricchio, Dema. All .: Pecchini.

Networks: 32 'Falcone (J), 10'st Benatello (J), 22'st Tuberga (R).
Referee: Olanescu di Bra.
Notes: 100 viewers around. Ammonite Giannetti in Romagnano, Sottil in Juventus.

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