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Precious equal to Alba for the Masera

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The Masera returns to the levels of the last season in the most important afternoon of the season, that of the trip to Alba against the favorite for the final victory of the championship, the Futura Langhe.
Great performance of the team of Tortora who plays with great intensity and ardor (too much, since the oxolane will eventually close in 9) and that proves to have that character that too often had missed her so far.
The choice of starting Martina Cerini from the left in the 4 - 3 - 3 of the Masera, with Piolini center tip, proved to be spot on from the start: on that band, the chain formed with Rovereti deployed from mid-wing, puts in serious difficulty the Langhe, while Betlamini in front of the defense as usual guarantees defensive coverage and quality in offensive play.
However, seeing the initial stalemate situation, Tortora at 20 'decided to shuffle the cards by reversing the Cerini and Canonico outfields. And this change turns out to be decisive in the action of the advantage: from a ball deep on the right Martina Cerini, just moved from that part, has the brilliant intuition of kicking from the top of the penalty area: the ball kicked to cross on the second post he enters with a winning trajectory overtaking the innocent goalkeeper for the advantage of Masera. Beautiful goal for the striker of the Masera that so far has scored at least one goal in every game (except the week spent against Sangiustese).
In the second part of the first half there is the reaction of the landlords that overturn the result: first is a penalty granted following a foul of hands in the area of ​​Antonietti (which claims a foul in the circumstances given the impetus of the opposing player) to give a draw to the Futura. Finally, a handful of seconds from the end of the first half, on a deep ball the number nine opponent and faster than Molli in closing and with a conclusion in the slide Battro beats the 2 to 1 with which you go to rest.
The break is for ours to reorganize and tactically resume the match: Tortora continues to reverse the position of the attack trio so as not to give reference points to the opponents and opts for the 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 with Rovereti deployed in a more advanced position behind the central point and Capristo who withdraws in front of the defense on the same line as Betlamini.
Just the latter serves around the 25 'of the shot in Piolini 2 2 ball: the striker of the Masera is released with a stop to follow the opponent's defender and in the slip can touch anticipating the goalkeeper who is bypassed by this touch below. First seasonal goal for her.
From then on the game becomes extremely exciting and full of twists: shortly after the match, it is Canonico to have a sensational opportunity to bring the advantage back to the Masera, but it is very good the opponent's extreme defender to deny the joy of the goal .
The oxolane remain shortly after in 10 due to the expulsion for protests by Martina Cerini. Despite the numerical inferiority, the Maserese still seem able to withstand the adversaries and try to exploit the spaces allowed to become dangerous on the counterattack.
In the final, however, is goalkeeper Battro to take the scene with two decisive action: the first backing on a conclusion to palombella from 20 meters that literally sees "pull out" the ball from the door. The second with a plastic grip following a header from a close position of an adversary following a corner.
Before the end there is still the red for the other Cerini, Nicoletta, for a normal foul play excessively sanctioned by the referee (perhaps deserved the second yellow but not the direct red).
Thus ends with a peer, but many new convictions, the most difficult trip of the year for the Masera. Now a round of rest next week and the challenge with the "off the ladder" Saluzzo the following week to recover the energy in view of another fundamental clash, the one with La Rondinese of 22 November.

Masera press office

In the photo above: Valentina Battro

In the photo below: a game action of the game


Enrico Manassero
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