Monday, May 11 2015
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Heavy home defeat of the Masera

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Bad blow for the girls of the Masera engaged in the home round against Atletico 1912 Sangiustese. An opaque performance are all points of view: the formation of Ossola seemed to lack pride and determination from the kick-off, given that already at the 10 'guests led by two goals to zero.
Good performance instead of the opponents who were able to make the most of their strength on the inactive balls, scoring on all four occasions from this type of situation.
The chronicle of the match begins at 4 'when the Atletico takes advantage of a free kick from the edge of the area from a distance: the cross that derives fishing the 11 number alone in the middle of the area and its head turn is lethal for the ossolane, which pass at a disadvantage.
At the 10 'replica: punishment from forty meters in a central position. The soft high pass at the edge of the area is exploited by an adversary who with a free-head tower a companion, who at the height of the disk realizes the 2 to 0.
The defense of the Masera shows itself vulnerable in both circumstances, while later Martina Cerini seems too lonely to try to become dangerous. The Masera thus seems blocked, absent, and gives all the spectators present a feeling of surrender, which is confirmed at half an hour when a corner kick from the right, which draws a free player on the first post, always comes with a header, the 3 to 0.
A few minutes and the day of the Ossolane takes a turn even worse: this time is a masterly punishment from the limit of the number three opponent to climb over the barrier and slip behind Battro.
The Atletico saw the wide advantage relaxes and the Masera tries to take the field: the girls of Tortora take advantage of shortening the distances with a conclusion of Capristo from the edge of the area, with the ball that, kicked by rebound, takes a trajectory strange bell tower and slips inexorably behind the number one opponent. The first time therefore closes on the 4 to 1.
We expect a reaction in the recovery by the Ossolane, which comes only marginally: our dare a little more than the first time and manage to create a few opportunities but never give the impression of being able to overturn the result. It is indeed good Battro in a couple of occasions to deny the fifth signing to the opponents.
The game ends with a bleak defeat for the Masera: this commitment was crucial because it arrived on the eve of the challenge with the Futura Langhe, a team that at the moment has only collected successes this season. With the third seasonal defeat in six games the Ossolane have already done worse than the past season.
The coach Roberto Tortora also broke down at the end of the match: "We have to find ourselves and reverse the course after the season as protagonists of last season we were called to a reconfirmation that unfortunately is missing for now. , and we must change mindset if we want to take away the satisfaction as in the past championship.Not all is lost, but then again: I want another Masera, we can do much better ".
Next engagement will be Sunday 1 November in Alba against the Futura Langhe: a difficult opponent and an important challenge for Masera. There is no better opportunity for ours to raise our heads and show everyone their value.

Masera press office

In the photograph: Cristina Capristo in action

Enrico Manassero
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