Monday, 17th October 2016
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Masera, what a misfortune!

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Masera that bad luck! For the final hour it gets tough
There was great anticipation for the first round of the Coppa Piemonte which saw the opposing sides to the PVF.
It was a very physical match, characterized by clashes of play very often at the limit, played with heart and pride from ours, but they were not enough to overcome the rivals. The defeat one to zero does not definitively compromise the hopes of qualifying for the final but certainly makes the path uphill. It will need a victory for Pertusio in the return match in order to overcome the turn.
The match; you understand immediately the script of the race: as happened often in the last releases, the opponents give up playing preferring to close the space to try to start again in speed. The Maserese instead try to impose their game but often they are inaccurate, because of the pressing opponent and the field, which certainly does not help those who are better equipped technically.
At the 10 'the first opportunity: the excellent inclusion of Capristo makes sure that you come face to face with the goalkeeper. The diagonal of first intention, however, is inaccurate and ends at the side.
Ten minutes later, however, the opponent's advantage comes: a left-hand punishment at the three-quarters, the ball deflected by Oberoffer rears up a bell tower, on which the 9 number of the PVF is faster than all of them. The conclusion on the fly bag inexorably for the one zero guest.
From then on, a series of episodes make everyone understand that for Masera it is not just a day. At 25 'in a midfield clash Capristo suffers a blow to the face and is forced out.
A little while later it was Martina Cerini who was unlucky with a nice conclusion that hit the crossbar. The same fate was previously touched by a punishment from the thirty meters of Betlamini.
Finally, just before the rest is Pullano to report a sprained knee in a clash near the flag that forces her to abandon the game.
Second half; the recovery becomes a siege of the landlord, hunting at least the deserved draw. Canonico and Molinari, called to replace Capristo and Pullano, manage to get into the game well, while Betlamini and Rovereti take over the midfield, recovering countless balls and trying to find the right path in the opposing defense.
The opponents, however, holed up in their half of the field and have the merit of not granting glaring scoring opportunities, even if in at least three circumstances Martina Cerini is built with personal actions as many shots, which unfortunately do not frame the mirror of the door.
Not even the tactical changes of Tortora and the numerous corners at our disposal are able to produce effects: one ends to zero for the PVF, the protagonist of a solid and concrete test.
The Masera comes out anyway with this last season at home: a black day for our girls who will still have a chance the 14 June to Pertusio in the return match, in which they will be forced to win to overturn the result today.

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In the photograph: Martina Betlamini

Enrico Manassero
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