Friday, 15 May 2015
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Biellese - La Chivasso

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Ghibaudo Greta


At 15,30, Mr. Motto's whistle marks the start of the first Piedmont cup competition. At the stadium in via Lombardia the match is staged: Biellese - La Chivasso. The landlords present themselves with the usual 4-3-3, the guests with an 4-4-1 because of absences and injuries. The violets are forced to deploy Machieraldo between the poles, which, much more than it superbly substitutes the not present Giovannini. The start of the viola does not hope for positivity, the girls of Pitzalis in fact, lower the center of gravity in their own half field and repeatedly create play exclusively on the left wing with Guardia and Orlandin in support of Briasco. The disadvantage of Biella did not wait and at 10 'a misunderstanding between the defense and Machieraldo (after a splendid parade) gives a penality to the guests: La Chivasso takes the lead. The reaction of the landlords is lightning and a minute later the usual relentless Mazzocchi brings the balance, bagging a riveted Stocchino; net born from a free kick where the ball had hit the crossbar first. At the 14 'Sanna comes out due to injury and the guests remain in 9. The violets sin of presumption and instead of raising the rhythm they rest themselves appealing themselves to the numerical superiority. At 25 'mister Pitzalis uses an 4-2-4 with medians Captain Martinoli and Triani. The Biella begins to interpret the match as it should have only after the 30 'with Triani first and then Briasco who try to take the team ahead. At the 40 'is again Briasco to return with the left to grab the doubling but still nothing to do, the ball comes out slightly. It goes to rest on the result of 1 even. Even in the second half the landlords continue to suffer by not finding the network. The appearance of the breakthrough seems to come to the 13 'thanks to the reversal of role between Rossetti-Martinoli and the stubborn Ghibaudo, today without a shadow of doubt better in the field, which on the right wing does not give peace. At the 17 'on a free kick we try Rossetti and is finally at 22' Orlandin to give the joy of the advantage; 10 minutes later will try again to puncture the network, but without success. The game ends with the control of the race without any particular episodes to report.

The words of Mr. Pitzalis at the end of the race: "I'm not very happy with the performance of my team, which however has not brought the grit that has always characterized the beginning of the season and that allowed us to win it. it was a drop in concentration, a bit 'of tiredness for the goal of the promotion just reached, but this does not justify a performance so colorless.The fault is first of all mine of course, I will try to bring up the level of concentration because for me the cup is an important goal.We will work well in the week ahead of the game against Masera at home, challenging among other things very difficult for the excellent opponent.I congratulate the Chivasso for how it is defended in a compact way and how it has put us in difficulty ".

Biellese Press Office

In the photographs: above Greta Ghibaudo and below Carola Machieraldo


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