Friday, 15 May 2015
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Romagnano - Costigliolese

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The Romagnano is lost on the most beautiful and does not go beyond the 2-2 inside with the Costigliolese which confirms the black beast of the grenade. In the first leg the famous defeat 3-0 at the table, on the return a draw that smacks of mockery, especially for the progress of the race.
This time, however, the shadows are more obscure to tarnish the Sesian team: some seasons are always missing something at the decisive moment of the season. And the absence of Lomazzi and especially Zignone (serious injury to the shoulder, the season is over) are not enough to justify a bad performance, in which even a positive result would not have erased the negative seen in the field.
The Romagnano had gone ahead to the 16 'of the first half with a header from Orgiu, but in the second half the Cuneo have overturned the result with a shotgun from Armitano, even if they weigh the serious disqualification of the rear grenade. In the final minutes the protagonist became Elena Nerito who first equalized 38 'with a header, then just at the 45' sent a penalty kick on the crossbar.
Declined the words of Decaroli: "We have shown that we do not have the right mentality to keep this championship open, we have done everything wrong and I take the responsibility first, we finish the championship and then throw ourselves on the Coppa Piemonte, but we have to change gear especially mentally ".

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella, Giannetti, Nidasio, De Nicolò, Soncin, Tuberga, Zaretti (35 'st Marchetti), Zampieron (10' st Nerito), Pella (25 'st Veronese), Orgiu. Available: Marabelli, Butté. All .: Decaroli.

Costigliolese: Montù, Donadio, Tolosano, Leone, Barra, Peak, Word, Barbero, Inaudi, Armitano, M. Pasero. Available: Matteodo, F. Pasero, Sechi, Astesano.

Referee: Alilou from Biella.
Networks: 16 'Orgiu, 11' st Armitano, 20 'st Armitano, 38' st Nerito.
Notes: 45 'st Nerito has failed a penalty.

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph: Sonia Orgiu

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