Monday, May 11 2015
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Biellese - Rosta

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Continue the race of the Biellese firmly at the top of the standings, which won the 2 victory at 0 against the Rosta between the home walls. Contrary to many other challenges where the violates

have scored more networks but expressed a worse game, today we see a fluid and organized game, with many actions and opportunities from goals little exploited. You can therefore blame only a little malice in the door that has then decreed the 2 to 0 final. The Biella starts immediately well with a nice action on the right-hand side between Orlandin, Bani, Martinoli who sends a beautiful ball to the bottom of the team which in turn places a nice cross on Briasco that touches the impact of a ball blow. In the first ten minutes the viola always with Briasco, Orlandin and Martinoli do not realize some good actions maneuvered. To finally see the first goal you have to wait for the 30 ': the usual Martinoli goes up in the chair, which in the last matches shows off a very good form that allows her to bag a great ball of Briasco. 1 to 0. You go to the rest, and the second half looks like the first: still with the violet completely poured into the opposing half field but not very clear in the conclusions. Finally at 20 'is Bani who is punctual with the goal, a beautiful shot from the right behind the goalkeeper who gives the 2 0 to purple and gives more peace of mind to the whole team. At the 24 'Orlandin still tries but the shot is impacted by an opponent. The match does not present great emotions until the end, and the Biellese concludes with a dry 2 0 one of the challenges of the championship that would allow, in the direct match with the Masera, to celebrate the passage of category even with a draw. The words of the technician "I am very happy for the game expressed today, the result for what we have created and 'a bit' liar but still we needed a victory, we had no chance of other results for the goal that we set ourselves and that now we can only lose ourselves. Now we have 15 days to prepare for the challenge at the top with the Masera that we can still face with more peace of mind and then have a race in more of them to play ". The next appointment of the Biellese will be Sunday 12 Aprile in Masera.

Training: Giovannini, Ghibaudo (Guardia), Machieraldo, Triani (Mazzocchi), Zambara, Maugeri, Rossetti (Pedrazzo), Martinoli, Orlandin, Bani, Briasco (Pellegrino). Available: Andreo, Veronese, Capellaro.

Biellese Press Office

In the photograph: Elisa Bani

Enrico Manassero
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