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The Cavallermaggiore expels Acqui

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The Cavallermaggiore espea Acqui with a test of great character by beating the leaders and taking to three lengths of detachment from the summit but with one race less.
The spa has proven to be a team that plays a good football made of great ball possession but the apes were able to sting at the right time and then defend well the result achieved.

The Cavallermaggiore takes the lead already at 6 'when Tortone puts a ball in the center on which Bozzoli is quick to anticipate the opposing goalkeeper depositing on the net.
The Acqui hit cold reacts immediately and Castellan hits a crossbar at 10 'on the developments of a corner. The locals try several times to worry Vassallo football placed with Di Stefano and Scarabello, but do not find the door.
The nerogialle set off fast on the counterattack, bothering the white rearguard with Ferrero, whose Ottonello header was over, and with a great shot by Murialdo from the air.
At the 33 'double the guest: Giacosa guess a good filter, Tortone controls well and Ottonello fires confirming more and more match-winner of Cuneo.
A few minutes and the Acqui halves the distances: cross from the left on which Murialdo head anticipates Vassallo out for the most classic of the own goal.
It closes the first half and the recovery marks a very wide ball possession of the premises that grind the game in search of a draw, create a few headaches to the defense nerogialla but can not pierce the wall erected by Vassallo and companions to defend the victory.

"We had only one useful result and we got it - commented the leadership nerogialla - playing good football in the first half, taking advantage of the opportunities and then defending us with order in the second fraction. Congratulations to the opponents who deserve the first position but a special applause to our girls who have really given everything by proving to be a united and cohesive team from beginning to end. "

After the stop for the Easter holidays, the Cavallermaggiore will resume its journey Sunday 12 April against the Cit Turin between the walls of San Giorgio friends.

Acqui: Ottonello, Castellan, Lardo, Oggero, Dragons, Bagnasco, Di Stefano, Lupi, Mensi, Scarabello, Ravera. Bruzzese, Bonelli, Tascheri, Casazza, Cadar, Rolando, Aime. Coach: Maurizio Fossati.

Cavallermaggiore: Vassallo, Graglia (65 'Favole), Gardini, Rivetti, Straffi, Murialdo, Tortone, Giacosa, Bozzoli, Pegoraro (73' Vaschetto), Ferrero. Available: Chicco, Fasciani, Comino, Rosso, Azzan. Coach: Luciano Borra.

Networks: 6 'Bozzoli (C), 33' Tortone (C), 39 'aut. Murialdo (A)

Roberto Montan

In the photograph: Gloria Vassallo

Enrico Manassero
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