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Cavallermaggiore - Borghetto Borbera

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Straffi Valeria


The Cavallermaggiore wins a battle on the water against a Borghetto always alive is never domo, keeping the second position firm in view of the clash at the top with the Acqui scheduled for next Sunday.
The apex strong start collecting corner kicks and punishments and just from the placed football pass the lead to the 15 'when Straffi from 30 meters unsheathed a torpedo that bounces on the water and settles in the network. Il Borghetto reacts with a punishment by Fossati that, touched by Vassallo, shatters on the pole while the locals continue to grind the game without finding the doubling, thanks to the skill of Crozza that at 35 'is overcome by diverting a fireball Comino direct under the cross.
The Alexandrians, looking for points of safety, fall from the very determined interval and find the parity at the 50 'with a left to turn Fasciolo that goes off under the intersection.
The cuneesi seem dazed by the draw but start to create a game, while the guests try to sting on the break.
The match is settled by a pearl of Tortone. The exterior of the nerogiallo at 73 'takes the ball on the right side, is focused and from outside the area leaves a soft and poisonous left that goes behind the opponent's extreme defender.
Before the triple whistle there is still a cross for the guests and a pole hit by the Cavallermaggiore.
"Three important points in view of the challenge next Sunday - comments the leadership nerogialla - obtained with heart and passion on a field soaked with water and against a team that played very well".
Next Sunday the challenge that can decide the championship: Acqui - Cavallermaggiore will be staged at 18.00 on the synthetic of the spa town.

Cavallermaggiore: Vassallo, Graglia, Gardini, Rivetti, Straffi, Murialdo, Tortone, Vaschetto (60 'Giacosa), Bozzoli, Pegoraro (65' Fasciani), Comino (75 'Red). Available: Chicco, Azzan, Cipolla, Ferrero. Coach: Luciano Borra.

Borghetto Borbera: Crozza, Pastorino, Fossati, Costantini, Rapetti, Pessino, Dameri, Verdina, Mariano, Fasciolo, Nicoli. Atzori, Annori. Coach: Paolo Bisio.

Networks: 15 'Straffi (C), 50' Fasciolo (B), 73 'Tortone (C)

Roberto Montan

In the photograph: Valeria Straffi

Enrico Manassero
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