Monday, 17th October 2016
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Acqui - Atletico Gabetto

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Cadar Alexandra


In the best way, the path of the Acqui begins in the Coppa Piemonte of the Serie D, beating with the score of 9-2, the Atletico Gabetto.

Acqui keeps the ball of the game from the kick-off and already at the 5 'takes the lead with Ravera, who punishes with a nice diagonal goalkeeper the goalkeeper.
The pressure of the girls of Mr. Fossati is incessant and the 16 'doubles with Di Stefano, which exploits a personal raid and signs the 2 network to 0 with a powerful diagonal.
Like a bolt from the blue, at the 18 'Primizio, from the right wing signed a goal from the film library with a volley that sticks powerfully in the seven of the opposite pole, punishing an innocent Bruzzese.
To bring the partial on the 3 to 1, which will also be the end of the first faction Cadar thinks, that after a nice choral action on the axis Lardo-Ravera, sees that last make a cross shot low where Cadar with a powerful shot on the first non-escape pole in Toma.
The teams return from the locker room and the Acqui march continues that at 50 'leads to 4 networks thanks to Scarabello, who with another raid settles on the net.
Networks in the final for Di Stefano (2), Lupi (2), Cadar, and the 9-1 for Reina, good at exploiting a defensive indecision, bringing the final result on the 9-2.
This victory allows the Acqui to rest next Sunday, where they will face Atletico Gabetto and Tortona, and make an appointment at the 1 June at the sports field of Tortona for the last game of the group.

FOOTBALL WATER: Bruzzese, Casazza, Lardo, Costa, Dragons, Oggero, Di Stefano, Lupi, Mensi, Scarabello, Ravera. A Disp .: Ottonello, Bonelli, Cadar, Tascheri, Castellan, Tempesta, Rossi. All. Fossati

ATHLETIC GABETTO: Tome, Favarin, Galla, Dreon G., Dreon M., Blaseotto, Smith, Voerzio, Primizio, Reina, Bonamico. A Disp. Consaqa, Ientile. All. Musacchio

Basso Giorgio

In the photograph: Alexandra Cadar

Enrico Manassero
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