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Musiello Saluzzo in series B

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Musiello series b

The Musiello Saluzzo beats the Biella for 5-0 and off the ticket for the National Series B, crowning a long pursuit party three years ago.
In an 'Old Grange' full of public and in front of a choreography of great occasions

the girls of Mr. Diego Giraudo unleash a performance of quality and character without ever being hosted. In fact, from the very first minutes, the theme of the game with Chialvo and his companions on the way to the immediate advantage is perceived. The first thrill comes to the 14 ': action of Mellano on the left and cross for the recurrent Minetti who tries the fineness of heel missing the target. The Saluzzo pressure increases with the passing of the minutes and at the 23 'Civalleri on free-kick from the edge centers the crossbar in full. The Biella tries in every way to resist and avoid relegation but with the passing of the minutes also comes the nervousness: to pay the cost is the same Civalleri who receives a nudge in melee by Orlandin, not recognized by the race director. The net of the advantage for the landlords comes, deservedly, to the 35 ': corner of Minetti from the right, Mellano's veil and tap in the close range of Paoletti that makes the joy explode on the stands. The Biellese accuses the blow and is likely to capitulate on a masterful counterattack of Mellano that, well served by Paoletti, comes face to face with Davis, good to stay up to the last neutralizing the danger. A few seconds pass and still Mellano misses the door mirror on Paoletti's service a few centimeters. The doubling is in the air and arrives in full recovery: Paoletti defends the ball in the center of the area, turns into a handkerchief and ends in a safe shot is a resounding response from David, however, nothing can on the tap in a position of white defiled .
In the second half the Saluzzesi return to the field even more concentrated and within a few minutes they close the contest. At the 5 'Paoletti and White duettano in the strait on the left serving the center of the accident Mellano that sure blow no mistake. The net that definitely puts the result in safety comes to the 7 'and, just like in the most beautiful stories, it is up to the historic captain Alessandra Chialvo who realizes a penalty kick awarded by the referee for Bani's foul on Fanelli. On the opposite side of the field Martinoli and Orlandin try to reopen the hope of the violets but find a ready and careful Triolo that leaves no room for ambition. The guests see the relegation one step away and lose their heads: in a few moments Bani and Martinoli are expelled from the race director, leaving their companions in double numerical inferiority. Meanwhile, Deborah Martinatto takes advantage of an inattention of the host rearguard to seal the fifth network. Interesting statistics for the young Giaveno player who, with this marking, can say that she has scored at least one goal for each team participating in the championship. The last minutes of the game are a pure formality, the landlords do not rage against a bewildered Biellese. The party is in the stands with big 'B' that descend to the sides of the field, until the final whistle. The joy of the Saluzzese girls explodes which, after years of pursuit, transform the dream into a sweet reality.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Drammis (38'st Arnaudo), Riba, Civalleri, Giordano, Fanelli (43'st Goletto), White (41'st Giletta), Mellano (22'st Martinatto), Paoletti, Chialvo, Minetti (36 'st Olivo). A disp: Malosti, Dutto. All: Giraudo

BIELLESE: David, Bani, Maugeri, Di Piero, Ghibaudo, Triani, Primosa, Briasco, Orlandin, Martinoli, Lorio. Available: Cortese, Andreo, D'Andrea, Rizza, Savio, Soraci. All: Pitzalis

MARKERS: 14'pt Paoletti (MS), 35'pt White (MS), 47'pt White (MS), 5'st Mellano (MS), 7'st rig. Chialvo (MS), 34'st Martinatto (MS)

NOTES: Ammonite Lorio, Triani and Bani. Expelled Bani (33'st) and Martinoli (35'st)

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Andrea Rubiolo

Enrico Manassero
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