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Tournament of the semi-final Regions

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Tournament regions

Lombardy-Piedmont VDA 1-1 (6-5 dcr)

When the ball kicked from the right by Mellano crossed the foot of Soragni and ended in the network, right to the last breath, the thought went immediately to the final one year ago. On that occasion ended 3-2 for Lombardy, here seemed to be another story.

And, on the other hand, the same sad conclusion of a daring game: the Lombards win 6-5 on penalties against the Piedmontese and Valle d'Aosta Women's Representative and take the highway to the final of the fifty-third edition of the Tournament of Regions, held in Friuli.
Only regret for the Piedmontese, who also see the last of their bulwarks fall, that women's selection once again confirmed a strong, compact team, but also incredibly unlucky.
Let's go in order, starting with the analysis of the tactical deployments of the two teams. 4-5-1 chosen by Mr. Roberto Panigari, which covers more than the game won against Campania in the quarterfinals. Malosti between the posts; in defense, De Nicolò climbed to the right and flanked by Vallotto, Rigolino and Mensi; thick median with captain Zignone, Antonietti and the Lupi mastiff; on the exteriors the exellent extensions of Mellano and the infinite quality of Marsili; in front of only Soragni, with the task of annoying the Lombard power stations undergoing setting.
Lombardy responds with Cattaneo in porta, which will be decisive during construction, protected by Lacchini, Vaghi, Streniero and Pasquariello; on the Belloni and Biffi median; external high Benincaso and the very rapid Antwi; in front of the Ghidini experience in support of Gatti.
The first 40 'are a battle: many duels in the middle and two shots on goal, both Piedmontese and both very dangerous. First Soragni with a left-handed from the limit, then Zignone from outside, but, both in the first and in the second occasion, Cattaneo performs the miracle, starting his own infinite challenge with the Piedmontese forward. The Lombards sting a little, if not with some very quick restart, well orchestrated by the impregnable Benincaso and Antwi, but they do not lead to something significant. The game is fragmented, the hard contrasts: the costs are Vallotto and Lupi, two that never pull back the foot, forced to go out in the interval.
The recovery, despite the changes, produces the same script: many wrong steps in the middle, but no conclusion worthy of note up to 32 '. Antwi, who has become more proactive with the passing of the minutes, points the new entry Guzzone, who had replaced by a few moments a careful Mensi, victim of umpteenth Savoy injury, and forces her to foul: the referee Pittoni has no doubts and indicates the penalty disk. From the eleven meters he is the most experienced of the Lombard, the Ghidini, who kicks with great coldness and power and beats Malosti. The public rumbles, for many it is the joke: a game well played and lost because of a silly penalty would be incredible.
Nobody believes in the comeback. No one but the Piedmontese winds and their leader Panigari, who plays the role: in the turn of 5 ', Soragni is close twice for the goal, finding two prodigious interventions, Lacchini and Cattaneo, to deny the joy of the goal, before find the draw turn. All the last breath: corner of Mellano, melee in the area and a successful paw of the young bomber of the Romagnano, to the delight of the fans who came from Turin and surroundings. The 4 'recovery no longer produce anything significant and the triple whistle is 1-1.
Finally, the penalties, but this is another story. Anselmo gets the right to parade Cattaneo and cries, Zignone consoles her; the Stranger's error re-establishes parity; finally, fate decides in shots to the bitter end: Lacchini bags, Mellano no. It ends like that, with the damage and the mockery of the penalty kicked by Lacchini, just before the last of Mellano, which is validated by the race director, after having dangled for some interminable hundredths of a second around the goal line, without giving the certainty everyone to be entered.
Piedmont returns home, but the head of the girls, and of those who were with them, is certainly high: the best does not always win, but whoever is convinced of their own means even in defeats is really the strongest.

Lombardy (4-4-2): Cattaneo; Lacchini, Vaghi, Straniero, Pasquariello (1'st Di Muro); Antwi, Biffi, Belloni, Benincaso; Ghidini (chap.), Gatti (29'st Angarano). Coach: Vizza.

Piedmont (4-5-1): Malosti; De Nicolò, Vallotto (1'st Anselmo), Rigolino, Mensi (21'st Guzzone); Mellano, Antonietti, Zignone (cap.), Lupi (1'st Bianco), Marsili (25'st Levis); Soragni. Coach: Panigari.

Networks: 33'st rig. Ghidini (L), 40'st Soragni (P)

Penalty series: Ghidini (L) goals, Zignone (P) goals, Biffi (L) goals, Levis (P) goals, Benincaso (l) goals, Anselmo (P) saved, Antwi (L) goals, Soragni (P) goals, Straniero (L) high, Bianco (P) goals, Lacchini (L) goals, Mellano (P) high.

Referees: Pittoni of Udine
Assistants: Feresin of Cervignano and Smordoni of Udine
Ammonita: De Nicolò (P)

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