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Tournament of the Regions

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Tournament regions


Amazing performance for the Valle d'Aosta Piedmont Women's Representative in the quarterfinals of the 53 ° Tournament of the Regions. On the magnificent field of Mortegliano, home of the Serie A team of Chiasiellis, the formation of Mr. Roberto Panigari disintegrates Campania with the clear score of 3-0 arriving at the semi-finals.

Great test of strength for the Savoy who have almost never risked against the surprise of Group A led by marine coach and reached the quarter-finals eliminating Veneto. The Turin technician chooses the 4-2-3-1 with Malosti in goal, defense to four with Guzzone, Vallotto, De Nicolò and Anselmo, in the middle of the field Antonietti and Zignone, only Soragni tip supported by the trident Bianco-Marsili-Mellano. The first phase of the meeting flows without particular emotions with the two teams more intends to study that to hurt even if with the passing of the minutes is Piedmont VdA to take hold of the proverbial ball of the game advancing its center of gravity. Zignone takes his companions by the hand creating the first opportunity with a blow from the edge that ends at the side. Then touches to Marsili warm up the gloves to the goalkeeper Iodice campano, good to stretch deflecting the corner in the corner from the distance of the attacker of Sanmartinese. The net the advantage is in the air and arrives punctually to the 25 'just with Emanuela Marsili who sows the panic on the left beating Iodice with a strong and precise diagonal on the second post. Campania accuses the blow and capitulates again a few minutes later: free-kick from the trocar of Vallotto, the ball is removed from the rear but ends on the feet of Benedetta Anselmo who turns on the viewfinder and shoots an impregnable dart for the opponent's extreme defender. At the end of the first half Soragni's feet have the opportunity for the trio but, at the end of an amazing personal action, the fury of Borgo Ticino does not find the mirror of the door.
The recovery starts with the thrill for Piedmont VdA that is saved by the cross on the blow into the scrum of Carmela Ciccarelli, left guiltily free in the penalty area. The girls of Mr. Panigari do not even tremble for a second and throw themselves forward, forcing the bells on the defensive. Iodice performs a real miracle on the blow from outside Guzzone while it is Soragni to devour the second chance of the day on the counterattack. The biancorosse keep calm waiting for the right moment to strike. Moment that arrives at 27 ': corner from the right of Anselmo, sphere out for Guzzone that directs the sphere in the' seven 'where Iodice can not arrive. The final race is stingy with emotions, the Piedmont VdA controls at better the race, Campania fails to break through and the triple whistle of the race director arrives without further problems.
Tomorrow at 16.00 at the start of the semifinals against Lombardy in a remake of last year's final. Obviously this time it is hoped for in a different epilogue.

CAMPANIA: Iodice (27'st Ruotolo); Gaudio, Piegari (25'st Di Simino), Del Prete (35'pt Ciccarelli C.), Volpe, Taddeo, Petraglia (6'st Carratù), Ciccarelli V., Olivieri, Esposito (35'st Cremona), Spigno. Coach: Marino

PIEDMONT VDA: Malosti; Anselmo, Vallotto (30'st Rigolino), De Nicolò, Guzzone; Zignone (10'st Lupi), Antonietti; Marsili (31'st Gastaldo), White, Mellano (26'st D'Ambrosio); Soragni (15'st Levis). Coach: Panigari

MARKERS: 25'pt Marsili (P), 33'pt Anselmo (P), 27'st Guzzone (P)
NOTES: Ammonita Spigno

Andrea Rubiolo


Enrico Manassero
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