June 11, 2015
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Musiello Saluzzo - Sanmartinese 4-3

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Victory suffered, but still victory, for the Musiello Saluzzo of patron Piera Delgrosso who struggled more than expected to have the best of a Sanmartinese hymen.

After the draw at the home of the Romagnano mister Diego Giraudo also finds full strength Mellano, however, part of the bench leaving space to Triolo between the posts, defense to four with Goletto, Chialvo, Giordano and Riba, from breakwaters in midfield Fanelli and Civalleri , unique Paoletti tip supported by the Bianco-Martinatto-Minetti trio. At the start of the Saluzzesi are now to make the pace: Paoletti serves Martinatto who tries the conclusion of the first intention, Giglioli answers in the corner. At the 15 'singular moment: the race director accuses a muscular resentment and needs medical care, promptly made available by the white-green bench. The game is resumed after a few minutes and Musiello Saluzzo immediately accelerates the pace finding the net of the advantage to 22 ': action maneuvered on the Paoletti-White axis with a consequent cross to the center for the compelling Martinatto who is not mistaken. The Sanmartinese accuses the blow and capitulates again a few moments later on a powerful punishment by Minetti that pierces Giglioli. The Saluzzesi melt and play well also finding the trio with the usual Enrica Paoletti, good and exploit an error of the host rear depositing the ball into the net with a delicious lob. To attend the first opportunity in Novara you have to wait until 36 'when Viola calls Triolo from the limit to a nice corner response. At the end, Minetti sows the panic on the left, putting in the area for Martinatto who anticipates all but without succeeding in framing the mirror of the goal. From Cavallermaggiore comes the news of the double home advantage on the Romagnano and the Saluzzesi reassure themselves excessively returning to the field decidedly less concentrated. The result can already be seen at the 2 'when Marsili overcomes the entire rearguard, finishing from the limit and making the center. The Musiello Saluzzo immediately responds by re-establishing the distances to the 13 'with a fireball of Paoletti at the suggestion of Minetti that leaves no way out to Giglioli. The race seems in full control for the landlords who touch the fifth mark with Fanelli head and with Mellano on the break by missing the knockout. The ending is a nightmare for the girls of coach Diego Giraudo who return to the locker room in a guilty anticipation, leaving the initiative completely to the guests and especially to Viola, who scored twice the personal two goals that enliven the last few minutes without, however, affect the final result. The Musiello Saluzzo salt, so, lonely at the top with three points ahead of Romagnano and one race less.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Goletto, Riba, Martinatto, Giordano (1'st Dutto), Civalleri, Bianco, Fanelli (31'st Olivo), Paoletti, Chialvo, Minetti (13'st Mellano). Available: Malosti, Daniele, Giovinazzo. All: Giraudo

SANMARTINESE: Giglioli, Caccia (1'st Carrassi), Rivolta, Gritta, Maderna, Filippini, Milella, Marsili, Viola, Novello, Marrocu (30'st Galliani). A disp: Descend. All: Duò

MARKERS: 22'pt Martinatto (MS), 28'pt Minetti (MS), 31'pt Paoletti (MS), 2'st Marsili (S), 13'st Paoletti (MS), 36'st Viola (S), 42'st Purple (S)
NOTES: Novello Ammonite, Goletto, White

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Chiara Giordano

Enrico Manassero
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