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Gem Tarantasca - Racconigi

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Gem Chemica Tarantasca - Racconigi 5 - 0 Sechi Valentina

The recovery of the eleventh day between Gem Tarantasca and Racconigi, ended with the result of 5 at 0. The girls available to Mr. Gai, were only ten because of numerous defections, but despite the numerical inferiority, they still played a good match closing as far as possible the gates. The tactical theme of the match was only one, and he saw the girls of coach Bertoloni, maneuvering with a suffocating ball ride while waiting for the opening of a gap in the clogged opposing half court, manned by all the players. In the first minutes of play, the defense of Racconigi, sided dangerously in line so that at the first postponement of Pasero, Melifiori was face to face with the goalkeeper, and with a precise low shot took the lead Gem. Shortly after Sechi, with a central percussion, he found himself face to face with Vautretto, but his conclusion was printed on the pole; at the 13 'the Gem doubles with a wonderful action maneuvered all before that led to the conclusion Melifiori, but on the rival, the most loyal was Allena that with a tap-in not to escape from the goalkeeper. Shortly before half an hour the red and white risk the goal on a defensive blunder, on which Pace is inserted but the conclusion ends a little to the side. In the second half the Gem continues its predomi on the field, but the goal comes on the inactive ball, the tense angle of Pasero on which fits Zucca that head cold Vautretto. Pass just 3 'and Sehi from the distance mockery with a low shot the guest goalkeeper probably covered; the red and white appear wages of the result and the game wearily starts at the end, but all'81 'Giordano still finds the right gleam on the right wing, and with a cross serves Melifiori, the ball that is worth the final 5-0.

The comment by Mr. Bertoloni. "the result should not make it seem easy, but Racconigi, although outnumbered, played a good game, making densities in their midfield, so much so that it was difficult to get the space. patiently for 90 'have woven textures with the possession of the ball, waiting for the opponents to open up a little more, slowly we are maturing even tactically, and I hope in the second round to see further improvements ".

"The first part of the championship has given us so much satisfaction, commented Presidents Bosio and Isaia, the team was assembled only this summer, and obviously being new, has had and still needs to oil its gears. the return leg is played with this commitment.The work done by the technical staff was excellent, we must continue on this path, and grow again, because the chances of doing well are there ". The series D championship, will now observe the winter break, the resumption scheduled for Sunday 9 February 2014, will see the Gem Tarantasca engaged away from the fearsome Torinese athletes' Atletico Gabetto.

Gem Chemistry Tarantasca: Saccomanno, Franchino, Vallauri, Naso, Innocenti (15 'Fissor), Pagliano (24' St. Buqa), Allena, Pasero, Zucca (18 'St Giordano), Melifiori, Sechi (30' St Gall). All. Bertoloni

Racconigi: Vautretto, Vittone, Camerlengo, Giaretti, Bertinetto, Pecchenino, Florio, Caon, De Simone, Pace. All. Gai

Referee: Vitale (Bra)

Markers: 4 '- 81' Melifiori (T), 13 'Train (T), 57' Pumpkin (T), 60 'Sechi (T)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Valentina Sechi

Enrico Manassero
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