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The girls of Atletico Gabetto win away against Racconigi with a wide 4-1 despite a performance far from brilliant, also because you still have in mind the match last week played very well against the Costigliolese leaders who yielded just a draw. The Gabetto starts the game strangely awkward, confused and with little concentration, so much so that in the first 20 minutes he manages to fail almost everything and in all departments. At the 4 ° minute the defense of Turin is a spectator to the attack of Racconigi that goes to the shot from the edge touching the goal. At '11 ° the Gabetto wakes up and goes on the counterattack: Reina throws the ball to Campofiorito that hooks, sails to the opposing area but arrived in front of the goalkeeper has a fatal hesitation that costs the advantage. Two minutes pass and the Racconigi still exploits the sleep of the host defense and, repeating the action of the beginning of the game, touches the goal with a shot that comes out of nothing. The Gabetto gets scared and begins to grind the game and make the ball turn proving to be more technical than the opponent even if the defense struggles with continuous amnesia, the midfield chases the opponents too many times and the attack messes in the restart. The good understanding immediately brings fruits: at the 24 ° Campofiorito on the left holds the ball in the field after a nice opening of the game, backs on Primizio just behind that brushes a cross in the Bonamico area. The latter takes a position in front of the opponent, checks the ball on his chest and when he descends, on the fly, he learns for the advantage of the Turinese ... great GOL! The goal dampens the liveliness of the landlords who accuse the blow and lose the security that instead acquires the Gabetto: at the 26 ° from a corner on the right, Campofiorito makes a twist and hits the right wing. The prowess, which would have been the goal of the year, produces a precise but not strong shot and the goalkeeper even if with difficulty in two stages. At the 38 ° Primizio (after the injury is becoming more and more vital) on the trocar door to walk defense and midfield opponent, then suddenly opens deep to the left for Reina who alone in front of the goalie hesitates and gets stealing the ball in an attempt to dribbling. A minute passes and the Gabetto doubles from a corner kick with Primizio who is a master in impacting the head ball and beating the opposing goalkeeper. It's a feat! The Racconigi is on the ropes and capitulates again right in the final seconds of the time. Giulia Dreon beats a free-kick at the half-way and the cross goes deep to the left of the area. Blacksmith takes the ball back and lobs in front of the line of the door where Reina, all alone, bags head to door empty. The second half resumed with the Gabetto in attack and decided to close the game. Reina at 48 ° wastes a good opportunity that was well created, jumping into dribbling two opponents. At 58 °, after five minutes in which the defense of the Gabetto has granted almost everything to Raccoinigi, he concedes goals. A pass through the area is apparently not dangerous, but a clumsy intervention in free defense to shoot the striker of Racconigi that with a slow and weak ball marks the door now unguarded. The Gabetto perceives the danger of getting back into the match the opponents and rebates in attack but it is not very effective on goal until the '80 ° when when Reina makes a personal double with a shot from the right center of the area even if weak finds the clumsy goalkeeper that smanaccia but does not hold back. The Racconigi has the merit of not throwing in the towel and to commit the opponent to the last with the force of pride that will produce other 2 network occasions also thanks to the defeat of the defense held up however by a superb performance of Favarin. Next meeting Sunday 1 December at home against Formigliana


Networks: 24 ° Bonamico (AG), 39 ° Primizio (AG), 45 ° Reina (AG), 58 ° (R.), 69 ° Reina

Nicola Campofiorito

In the photograph: Fabiana Bonamico

Enrico Manassero
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