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Cavallermaggiore - Musiello Saluzzo

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Enjoy the Cavallermaggiore, Musiello Saluzzo falls with honor. This is the leitmotif of the derby valid for the ninth day of the women's Serie C championship. In a 'San Giorgio' full of public the three points remain the house of the 'apines' who have the great merit of exploiting every single Saluzzo error and taking advantage of some dubious choices of the race director. A few minutes pass and the challenge comes on: free kick from the edge of Murialdo, Triolo rejects Pegoraro's feet on the net. Saluzzo's answer arrives on time and bears the signature of Enrica Paoletti who anticipates everyone on the first post and deflects the free-kick from Minetti's quarter into the net. After the initial blaze, the race was balanced and Paoletti provoked the biggest thrill that, still on Minetti's free kick, sent over the crossbar. At the 32 ', however, the episode that decides the race: long throw from the rear for Pegoraro, Chialvo and Triolo clamorously messing and the Saluzzo captain is forced to land the tip of the house. Rigor and expulsion are impeccable. The same Pegoraro appears from the spot and does not make a mistake. Probably the same fate as Chialvo deserves Graglia that 'Meccano' from behind twice in quick succession but the race director does not feel like re-establishing the numerical parity. Musiello Saluzzo with the man in the least tries to reorganize the ideas but capitulates again to the 41 'when Comino invents a net from 40 meters seeing Triolo guilty outside the posts. The girls of Mr. Giraudo try to react with enthusiasm and shorten the distances to the 45 'with Mellano who resolves a scrum in the penalty area on the development of a punishment beaten by Minetti.

In the second half, the Saluzzese start very well and Chicco exalts himself on a shot from outside by Paoletti destined for the corner. Dutto and companions are, inevitably, biased forward in search of balance and the yellow-black poker arrives just off guard with Bozzoli winning a rebound and presenting himself face to face with Triolo beating her. The green whites have the great merit of not giving up trying in every way to reopen the race. The episode at the 13 would be slow with Civalleri knocked down in the penalty area, but the referee decides to let it continue. The network that could reopen the games arrives, however, a few minutes later again with Paoletti heading the Mellano corner. The Saluzzo players believe in it and are close to the incredible draw with Paoletti again, who sends Mellano's filter to the side. Another doubtful episode at the 20 'when the same Paoletti overcomes her direct opponent in the penalty area who, in an attempt to recover, touches the ball with her hand: even in this case the referee does nothing. The nervousness between the guests grows and on the counterattack at the 22 'Pegoraro signs the personal hat-trick on Bozzoli's assist from the left. In the end, the pace goes down: the hosts waste two occasions with fables on the counterattack while Chicco is called to the overtime on the outside by Paoletti and Bianco.

Cavallermaggiore: Chicco, Fables (30'st Giraudo), Graglia, Tosa, Straffi, Murialdo, Giacosa (55 'Parola), Rivetti, Comino, Pegoraro (35'st Olivero), Bozzoli (22'st Fasciani). A disp: Borgna, Rosso, Pesante. All: Borra

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Drammis (38'st Delmonte), Riba, Martinatto (13'st Bianco), Civalleri (35'st Arnaudo), Dutto, Fanelli, Mellano, Paoletti, Chialvo, Minetti (12'st Loria). To disp: Malosti, Giletta. All: Giraudo

MARKERS: 8'pt Pegoraro (C), 10'pt Paoletti (MS), 32'pt rig. Pegoraro (C), 41'pt Comino (C), 45'pt Mellano (MS), 6'st Bozzoli (C), 15'st Paoletti (MS), 22'st Pegoraro (C)

In the photograph: Enrica Paoletti

Enrico Manassero
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