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Musiello Saluzzo - Cit Turin

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Beautiful internal victory for the Musiello Saluzzo that clears with a net 5-1 Cit Turin and puts, hopefully in the final, in a jar throwing away the bad performance last week with the Carrara '90. Mister Diego Giraudo chooses the 4-2-3-1 with Malosti in goal, defense to four with Drammis, Dutto, Giordano and Riba, from breakwaters Fanelli and Civalleri, only Paoletti tip supported by the trio Bianco-Martinatto-Mellano. Ready and immediately Musiello Saluzzo forward with Martinatto, well served by Mellano, is an excellent response from Camarchio low output. The race is balanced even if the proverbial 'ball' of the game remains firmly in the hands of Saluzzo. The defense Turin is well-lined and it is not easy to find the right path. Paoletti tries on Martinatto's suggestion but the ball slips to the side. At the 18 'comes the deserved advantage of the landlord: Mellano wedges in the penalty area and is landed sharply. The race director has no doubts and indicates the disk from which Martinatto presents himself that he is not mistaken. The Cit Turin has the great merit of not disappearing, however, struggling to create dangerous actions forward also complicit the absence of Melillo. On the end of the first half arrives, instead, the doubling of the Saluzzesi with White shooting on the offside line, check a lob of Civalleri, and beats for the second time Camarchio. In the second half the girls of mister Sereno try to reopen the race with the new entry Casella that calls Malosti to a manual exit. The landlords, however, when they attack they hurt. At the 7 'Mellano you drink all the right wing and from the edge centers a monstrous crossbar. It is the prelude to the green white tris that arrives at the 12 'with Bianco that from the 35 meters sees Camrchio out of the poles and with a strong and precise conclusion it invents a cover net. The Cit Turin accuses the blow and capitulates again a few minutes later still under the shots of Martinatto receiving from Mellano, anticipates the direct opponent, and deposited in the network. The poker weakens the landlords who grant the flag network to the guests on a defensive blunder that allows Casella to pierce Malosti. The response of the girls led by Diego Giraudo arrives a few minutes of the final whistle with Paoletti who stamps the card using the umpteenth cross coming from the right provided by Mellano.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO (4-2-3-1): Malosti; Drammis (1'st Goletto), Dutto, Giordano (21'st Loria), Riba; Civalleri (27'st Chialvo), Fanelli; Mellano, Martinatto (24'st Minetti), Bianco (38'st Delmonte); Paoletti. A disp: Triolo, Olivo. All: Giraudo

CIT TURIN (4-5-1): Camarchio; Biondillo, Basta, Flag, Cucciniello (6'st Casella); Trafuoci, Rubicone (40'st Lombardi), Neri (20'st Praticò), Grasso (16'st Di Maria), Gallo; Guzzone. A disp: Pitzalis, Masino. All: Clear

MARKERS: 18'pt rig. Martinatto (MS), 39'pt White (MS), 12'st White (MS), 17'st Martinatto (MS), 33'st Box (CT), 42'st Paoletti (MS)

NOTES: Ammonita Trafuoci

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Monica Malosti

Enrico Manassero
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