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LEINI - ATHLETIC GABETTO 1 - 3 Atletico Gabetto_del_27_ott_13_a_Lein

The girls of Atletico Gabetto won a trip to Leinì after a tiratissima contest in which in the long run they have asserted the best technique and the greatest desire to win over the team spirit.

The fourth consecutive victory is worth for the Turinese 3 ° placed in the standings but after the game today alarm bells ring for the obvious steps back from previous performances even if the sport and football are full of difficulty. It must be said immediately that the Leini during the game has pulled in the door very little and in the end there are only 3 scoring situations, while the Gabetto, even in the gray day, will be able to count 7 or 8. The Atletico Gabetto begins the game on the sly but already at the 5 ° close to the advantage with Fabbro from a free kick on the right, collects the cross in the area and alone in front of the goalkeeper shoots but only touches the pole. But from here and 40 minutes a blackout hits Turin and the Leini immediately takes the upper hand in midfield so much so that the Gabetto appears in clear difficulty and can not create, messy in the restart, can not fight in midfield and the defense then struggled in every ball. The consequence is that at the 8 minute the Leini takes the lead from a central free kick from about 25 meters that is well beaten by Cella. The pitched ball is stuffed into a lob behind Toma. The Gabetto accuses the shot and the Leini although without being particularly dangerous plays more, comes first on the balls and anxiously opposing defense. Despite this, the Turinese touch twice the draw with shots of Reina and Blaseotto that end just outside. Towards the end of the time the Turinese advance the center of gravity and put the opponents on the ropes. Campofiorito receives the ball from the right and its position is about one meter inside the area. It protects the sphere but is loaded from behind awkwardly. It is impeccable rigor. The referee whistles but only and inexplicably grants a free kick from the edge. The maximum punishment, however, arrives a few seconds later, at the 45 °, when inside the area Blaseotto fight but is loaded by two opponents. Bomber Reina goes on the spot safe and in fact does not forgive with a big blow to the right signing the draw of Atletico Gabetto. The interval lightens up some ideas to the Gabetto that comes back on the most desirous, more determined and combative field while the Leini slowly goes out under attack by the adversaries. Without gasps the first 20 minutes, then the Gabetto is taken by the hand of the fighting Reina that drags the companions. The Turin reds enjoy a punishment from the 25 meters in a slightly off-center position on the right. Reina takes the resort and pulls skillfully with the right amount of force and effect so that the ball beats under the crossbar and inflates the network for the benefit of 1-2. Perhaps so much difficulty until then have taught something to the Gabetto that begins to play more fluidly, opposing opponents in the contrasts and contending for each ball. Possible scoring opportunities are flawed but they do not materialize due to lack of clarity and precision. At the end of the match Campofiorito thinks about 10 minutes from the end. Ball in the area for the indomitable Blaseotto that in offside not detected by the referee, he catches the ball but can not finish the net: he then throws to the left side of the area but is landed. It would be a penalty, but the referee does not whistle and the defense in Leinicese clears the area. From outside the area Campofiorito burst that faces the defensive central exiting the mark, the jump with nice dribbling, check right and enters the area and 15 meters beats the goalkeeper on his left with a fantastic shot to lob that slips under the crossing of the poles. And 'the last gasp that closes the game with the victory of' Atletico Gabetto for 1 - 3. Next meeting between the walls of Gabetto's friends against Sporting Rosta.


Networks: 19 ° Cella (L), 45 ° and 64 ° Reina (AG), 80 ° Campofiorito (AG)

Nicola Campofiorito

In the photograph: Giulia Campofiorito Giulia Campofiorito

Enrico Manassero
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