Friday, 15 May 2015
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ATHLETIC GABETTO - MASERA 4 - 1 Atletico Gabetto

The girls of the ATLETICO GABETTO win against the tough training of the Masera and climb the classification of the Serie D leading to the 4 ° place after five days of the Championship. The Gabetto as usual usually starts strong and compresses the opponents in their own half. At the 7 ° Campofiorito already has the ball of the advantage: served by a disgraceful low shot from the right, from the edge of the small area, all alone, kicks the fly with a sure blow but wasted badly with a very high shot. Continue the pressure of Turin and the goal is in the air. At the 10 ° corner kick of Reina, Primizio stands in the back of the door and bags under the crossbar with an imperious header. A few minutes pass and the Gabetto photocopies the action of the goal, but this time Primizio only touches the post. The Masera never manages to leave again. Jocallaz, Monica Dreon and Fabbro in the midfield interdict well and on the sides Campofiorito and Julia Dreon send in the area the tips that in addition to offend work very well in pressing. All this brings the Turinese to the 19 ° to conquer the ball in midfield, to launch at the edge of the Reina area that first controls the ball well and then beats the goalkeeper out with a delicious lob that carries the Gabetto on the 2-0. Few departures to the guests but that risk to hurt in the few offensive solutions as the half hour when they hit the crossbar with a shot from 25 meters. The Gabetto escaped the danger still rips on the gas. Jocallaz in interdiction conquers yet another ball in midfield and immediately assists Reina to the area that bags photocopying his first goal. It's just after half an hour and Gabetto leads 3-0 and appears uncontrollable. At the end of the first half, punishment from about 25 meters on the left of the door of the Masera. Monica Dreon beats and goes around the barrier but the goalkeeper is overcome by diving into his right. but a few seconds more and the goalkeeper can not do anything when Reina, from 20 meters ago his TRIS with an unlikely shot under the crossbar. You go to rest on the 4-0 for the Aletico Gabetto .. The music does not seem to change in the second half so much so that at the 51 ° Fabbro (good game in the fight of the midfield) shooting from outside the area, but the ball touches the crossbar. Perhaps this is the shock for the Masera that begins to advance and press, thanks to the physical decline of the Gabetto that is no longer able to push and is very long in the field even when it is offensive. The Masera fact touches the goal immediately but Toma saves the door. The bomber of the Masera starts from 30 meters and after dribbling 5 or 6 opponents little decided on what to do, he is alone in front of Toma who has the coldness of not moving and para the shot. The attacks of the guests continue, though not very dangerous; but this push to the 68 ° leads to the goal the Masera with a shot not irresistible that Toma can not hold back. At 72 °, 77 ° and 80 ° Jocallaz, Monica Dreon and Campofiorito, they pull both from outside and inside the area, but their shots just touch the crossbar. Blaseotto took over in the second half fighting forward and puts the central opponents in difficulty with his movements and his tandem plays with side and midfielders. The Masera begins to press again in the last 10 minutes and also devours the second goal with a nice action in percussion from the right. The ball enters the area from the right but before the door, the bomber beats on the fly all alone but does not hit the door. Last gasp of the match at the 41 ° with Jocallaz still showing the shot but the ball touches the post. Special mention to the Gabonese full-back that in the last 20 minutes of the match, pushing on the right, he had 3 / 4 scoring opportunities and made high ban, demonstrating how the defenders can and should be useful to the offensive phase and not only to that purely defensive. Next meeting at Leini's home on Sunday 27 October.


Marking machines: Primizio (10 '), Reina (19', 29 ', 45')

Nicola Campofiorito

Enrico Manassero
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