Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Gem Tarantasca - Tortona

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Gem Chemistry Tarantasca - Tortona 5 - 0 Jessica Allena

The Gem Chemical Tarantasca also liquidates the Tortona Calcio with a peremptory 5 to 0 and leads to the command of the regional championship of series D. With a first time stratosferito targati Jessica Allena,

the red and white girls have immediately dispelled any doubt, granting nothing to the opposing team, so as to make the entire game for Giada Saccomanno inoperative. Allena, now uncontainable, was the thorn in the side of the opposing rearguard, and even the experience and generous proof of Mara Pastorino served at the Tortona to limit the damage. Among the ranks of Gem, Mr. Bertoloni, managed to recover the numerous injuries last Sunday, except Erika Naso. After the first part of the game ended with the result of 4 0, the red and white have dropped the pace of play, trying to avoid any unnecessary risk and only after half an hour Marina Melifiori, "has granted" the joy of the goal for the definitive 5 to 0. After just 5 'Pagliano serves in the left wing Melifiori, which from the bottom calibrates a perfect cross for the insertion of Allena that freezes the innocent Cuccunato; shortly after on the corner of Pasero, well-placed Pumpkin test the tapin, but the deviation is central and the goalkeeper neutralizes. At the 16 'the Gem doubles on the corner of Pasero who trains the flat corner in the low corner; after the double disadvantage, the Tortona swerves and opens unexpected spaces, so much so that at 22 'a beautiful verticalization of Valentina Sechi, could bring the trio of Allena, but Cuccunato is overcome and puts in corner. Melifiori also looks for the way of the goal, but the conclusion without fail, is again deflected in the corner; shortly after the Gem runs the only risk of the whole meeting, on a defensive error that however Mandirola face to face with Saccomanno is missing a little. At half an hour wonderful action of the landlord, all of the former that sends the tilt the opponent's rear and Perseghini in order to anticipate the Allena's thrust bag in his own door for the more classic of the autogoal. Just pass 5 'and with a restart to a thousand of Sechi, Allena is found on the feet of the ball 4 0 with millimeter precision square the ball where the goalkeeper can not get. In the second half the Tarantasca seems satiated, and the first big risk creates it with Fissore who, from a good position, sees the diagonal deflect from the opposing goalkeeper. At 32 'the definitive 5 arrives at 0 from the feet of Melifiori who a few minutes later, we can deny the possible 6 to 0 from the pole. Next Sunday the Gem Chimica Tarantasca will play away against the difficult Ossola formation of the Masera.

Gem Chemistry Tarantasca: Saccomanno, Gallo, Vallauri, Franchino, Vinai, Pagliano (15 'St Armando), Allena, Pasero, Zucca (12' St Fissor), Melifiori, Sechi. All. Bertoloni

Tortona: Cuccunato, Zaid, Parodi, Persano, Pastorino, Augusti, Specula, Russello, Mandirola, Peaks, Perseghini. All. Oddino

Referee Rinaldi of Bra

Ammonites: 75 'st. Augusti (T)

Markers: 5 '- 16' - 35 'Train (T), 30' Perseghini (author), 77 'Melifiori

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Jessica Allena

Enrico Manassero
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