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The Musiello Saluzzo comes out at a distance, Sanmartinese crashed

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A first time decidedly subdued coupled with a second fraction of devastating game give success to the Musiello Saluzzo on the field of Sanmartinese. Mister Diego Giraudo chooses the 4-2-3-1 with Malosti between the posts, defense to four with Drammis, Giordano, Dutto and Riba, in the middle of the field Chialvo and Fanelli, only Paoletti supported by the trio Mellano-Civalleri-Minetti. Just pass 2 'and already arrives the first opportunity for the Saluzzesi with Paoletti that comes face to face with Giglioli without being able to score. Minutes pass but the game is always white green: nice action on the left of Civalleri that puts in tow for Chialvo, whose conclusion is repeated by the extreme defender of the house, also good on the tap in Mellano. The Sanmartinese tries to restart on the break and the first thrill comes from Viola who kicks from the edge. At the 22 'guests' advantage comes: punishment from the short side of the penalty area kicked by Minetti who leads the ball into the 'set'. The landlords immediately throw themselves forward and engage Malosti with a close shot of Marsili before finding a draw with Villarboito. The Musiello Saluzzo struggled to react and at the 36 'the landlords took the lead with Viola who anticipates Giordano on a free kick by Villarboito leaving no escape to Malosti. In the end time Paoletti and Minetti try but the ball ends on the side. In the second half the girls of Mr. Giraudo take to the field with a very different attitude and at 3 'also comes the numerical superiority: Gritta spreads Civalleri with a disjointed intervention and the second yellow is inevitable. Change the music and the Sanmartinese arrogates in defense in search of the miracle that does not happen. At 10 'Chialvo is to find a draw resolving a scrum in the area on the shot of Mellano while it is just the young number eight Saluzzese to sign the overtaking with a blow from the spot on the bank of Fanelli. Once ahead Dutto and companions melt and spread in the 3 'first with Paoletti, skilled to sign the first goal of the season on Mellano's assist, and Martinatto who overturns Giglioli stunned. The landlords accuse the blow and the only one to react is Marsili who hits the crossbar on a free kick from thirty meters. In the final is still Musiello Saluzzo: free kick from the edge, Giglioli does not hold back and Mellano scores while the last network is still the work of Martinatto that anticipates the goalkeeper on the first pole again at the suggestion of White from the right.

SANMARTINESE: Giglioli, Hunting (21'st Novello), Rivolta, Gritta, Maderna, Franco, Milella, Villarboito (41'st Marrocu), Viola, Marsili, Pistochini. A disp: Scendrate, Moschini, Galliani, Ruzza. All: Duò

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Dutto, Drammis, Riba, Civalleri (8'st Martinatto), Giordano, Fanelli, Mellano (37'st Giletta), Paoletti (27'st Goletto), Chialvo (41'st Daniele), Minetti (1'st White ). A disp: Triolo, Loria. All: Giraudo

MARKERS: 22'pt Minetti (MS), 25'pt Villarboito (S), 36'pt Viola (S), 10'st Chialvo (MS), 12'st Mellano (MS), 16'st Paoletti (MS), 19'st Martinatto (MS), 32'st Mellano (MS), 35'st Martinatto (MS)

NOTES: Ammonite Gritta, Viola, Chialvo. Expelled (3'st) Grit for double caution

In the photograph: Deborah Martinatto

Enrico Manassero
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