Thursday, May 21 2015
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Real Benny - Gem Tarantasca

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Real Benny - Gem Chemistry Tarantasca 1 - 3 Saccomanno

Despite the heavy absences, the Gem Chimica Tarantasca also exceeds the Torinese of Real Benny with a peremptory 3 to 1. To the already announced defections of Pagliano and Naso that, as was foreseeable, have not been able to recover the injuries last week, Mr. Bertoloni had to do without even the expert Tania Franchino, due to a physical problem of the last hour. The meeting, played in postponement at 18, in the early stages did not offer emotions, and saw both teams committed to control each other.

The first gasp for the cuneesi comes from the feet of Borghesius on the placed football, but the ball well addressed nell'angolino, ends to the side. At the 26 'the girls of President Bosio take the lead with a deadly counter-attack, on corner opponent, the duo Pasero - Melifiori, makes a wonderful play for Allena with a diagonal cold the innocent Cravero. The goal immediately, unites the Real Benny, which is likely to fall again under the blows of Pumpkin, Melifiori and Allena, but Cravero can always put a piece and prevents the doubling of the visiting team.

In the second half at the 10 'the Gem doubles with Marina Melifiori that from the edge of the area, has plenty of time to control the ball before making a mocking conclusion that touches the ground in front of Cravero and bags under the intersection of the poles. The only danger for Saccomanno comes from the feet of Barucci who, as on the occasion of the red and white doubling, touches the ground but with a flash, manages to deflect the ball in a corner. At the 24 'the Turinese shorten the distances with Gassino with a full neck, not unlike escape to Saccomanno. There is not even time to write down the goal on the notebook, which Allena imbecca Melifiori that face to face with Cravero, realizes the final 3 to 1.

In the general classification the Gem keeps the second place to two lengths from the Costigliolese that even today has made full booty with the Rosta. After two consecutive trips, next Sunday the Gem Tarantasca, will take the field between the walls of the city's friendly against Tortona.

Real Benny: Cravero, Towsend, Pratticò, Ciobanu (34 'St. Massignan), Marano, Gigliotti, Borghesio, Coppo, Barucci, Gassino, Fella. Available: Greco, Borea, Verga, Gilardi. All. Gruppuso

Gem Chemistry Tarantasca: Saccomanno, Gallo, Vallauri, Giordano, Vinai, Innocenti (30 'St Fissor), Allena, Pasero, Pumpkin, Melifiori, Sechi. All. Bertoloni

Ammonites: 15 'st. Towsend (R)

Markers: 26 'Allena (T), 69' Gassino (R) 55 '- 70' Melifiori (T)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Giada Saccomanno

Enrico Manassero
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