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Musiello saluzzo - Romagnano

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At the "Grangia Vecchia" of Saluzzo comes the first seasonal defeat of the Romagnano di Davide Decaroli. Against the Musiello the grenade formation dispute a good race, but not enough to go out with points from the dreaded away trip: "We were defeated above all by the episodes" is the comment of Mr. Decaroli at the end of the game. The final 3-1 does not fully reflect what was seen in the field, but the house players are applauded, especially the local Minetti, author of two wonderful goals on a free kick. The start of the Romagnano race is positive, even if it is Notaristefano to be called in first on an insidious punishment of Minetti to 9 '. A few seconds pass and Nerito touches the crossbar at the invitation of Buccella. At the 15 'the episode that will affect the whole match: Nerito flies to the opposing goal and is landed by an opponent. Mr. Zlatkov of Bra initially brings the whistle to his mouth (it would be punishment and expulsion for a clear chance to score), but then let it go. Mister Decaroli does not take it well and is expelled in protest. At 28 'Notaristefano is decisive in deflecting on the crossbar a shot with a safe shot of Giordano, while on the other front Malosti must be overcome on two conclusions of Neirto (31') and Vallotto (34 '). 1:00 to 2:00 In the final time the Musiello places a tremendous: to 40 ''s cross Chialvo is the cause of an incredible misunderstanding between the defense and Notaristefano, the ball bounces in the middle area and bags at the far post. In full recovery a banally lost ball from the grenade midfield generates a free kick, Minetti goes to the point of batting and fires Notaristefano with the help of the post. At the beginning of the second half the Romagnano immediately reopens the game: Mazzei serves with a finesse Nerito that in front of Malosti does not ask for the 2-1. But already at the 6 'the cuneesi stretch again and the protagonist is always Minetti that removes the spiderweb from the intersection of the poles with another spectacular placed. The opportunity to get back on track can happen on the feet of Nerito at the 20 'you see repel on the line his shot from Goletto. Then they try again Tuberga and Mazzei without luck.

Musiello Saluzzo: Malosti, Drammis (59 'Goletto), Riba, Martinatto, Dutto, Giordano, Fanelli, Mellano (75' White), Paoletti, Chialvo (89 'Daniele), Minetti. Available: Pavan, Civalleri, Giletta, Loria. All .: Giraudo.

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella (53 'Tuberga), Giannetti, Nidasio, Vallotto, Soncin, Mazzei (67' Antonietti), Zignone, Nerito, Pella (74 'Zampieron), Graziotto (from 59' Soragni). All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Zlatkov of Bra.

Networks: 40 'Chialvo, 47' pt and 51 'Minetti, 48' Nerito. Notes: expelled at 15 'Decaroli for protests.

Ammonite Goletto in Musiello Saluzzo, Vallotto in Romagnano.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Martina Pella

Enrico Manassero
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