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Romagnano - Cossato

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ROMAGNANO - COSTS 6-1 Zampieron Daiana

Mission accomplished for the Romagnano that reaches the Piedmont Cup semifinals thanks to the tennis 6-1 trimmed to Cossato. And it is a victory that is worth a lot above all for Davide Decaroli who in the previous six official comparisons with the Biellais had obtained only four draws and two losses between the D and C series. Forgotten the double 2-2 in the championship the granata team was right of the opponents , despite the 90 'played just three days before at Casale. The approach to the game was decisive, with the Sesiane devastating in the first 20 'and able to achieve four goals that actually put the contest on ice. After an occasion to part, at 10 'Soragni breaks the balance with a goal of his, taking advantage of an inaccurate disengagement of the hostess Brancaglion. Not pay, the Romagnano already doubles at 13 'with a penalty converted by Pella for a handball in the Biella area. Ball in the middle and the re-entrant Zignone recovers the ball, skips two opponents and deposits the immediate tris on the net. The nightmare for Cossato does not end, so much so that at the 16 'comes the poker of Soragni that sows in speed Bonifacio and shoots the usual impeccable diagonal. After the 20 'Tuberga saves on the line the header of Pitzalis, the emotions end and you go to rest on the 4-0. The recovery, as we wanted to demonstrate, is played at the small trot and in fact the team of Viglione takes a bit of courage, even if the attempts of Pitzalis at 47 'and Morello at 61' fail. Halfway time we also see the Zampieron grenade, which, just entered, first wastes a good opportunity, but at 67 'straightens the goal after also missed the goalkeeper. Soncin all'82 'and Zampieri all'83' do not find the door for question of centimeters and shortly after the Romagnano signs the 6-0 with another penalty, made this time by the young Anna Lanza ('97). To close the scoring is the well-deserved seal guest of Zampieri that in full recovery kicks with precision a placed from the edge of the area.

Mr. Decaroli satisfied: "We reached the minimum goal we had set ourselves, the entry into the semi-finals, now let's play these games with the right dose of courage, because, despite the absences, we are a good collective. field with this concentration then the road is the right one, tonight we were smart in closing this game after a quarter of an hour ".

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Lomazzi, Scalcon (24 'st Iato), Nidasio, De Nicolò, Soncin, Tuberga (10' st Zampieron), Zaretti (29 'st Lanza), Soragni, Pella (10' st Mazzei), Zignone (28 'st Bonasia). Available: Berghi. All. Decaroli.

Cossato: Brancaglion, Machieraldo (20 'st Boscaro), Bonifacio, Guardia, Zanetta (1' St De Margherita), Toniolo, Zampieri, Pitzalis (32 'st Serra), Martinoli (20' St Romito), Levis, Giordano (1 'st Morello). Available: Anselmo. All. Viglione.

Referee: Garofalo di Novara.

Networks: 10 'and 16' Soragni, 13 'Pella (rig), 14' Zignone, 66 'Zampieron, 85' Lanza (rig.), 94 'Zampieri.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Daiana Zampieron

Enrico Manassero
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