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With the one on Sunday, therefore, the consecutive successes obtained by our team rise to 5. With the third 2 1 obtained in the last 4 races, this time to the detriment of Polonghera, then rises to 35 share points loot that projects us even in fifth place in the current standings, three days from the end of the season. A success anyway, which goes well beyond our most rosy forecast. Sincere and anticipated compliments to our group in full force for the journey made so far already prestigious, it being understood that we will leave no stone unturned to continue the positive streak of the last races and to well also appear in the final part of the season. It was hard to get the victory on Sunday, against a Polonghera who came to Cossato decided to play all the possible cards to look for important salvation points. The visiting team played a careful, willing and determined race, taking full advantage of their characteristics, defensive and dense defense with quick reboots looking deep into the attackers. For our part, a race that has confirmed the trend of the latest performances, once again made of ups and downs, with flashes of good game and involving actions alternating with real "empty passages", with periods of competition absolutely subdued. It should however be emphasized the final race, when, on the 1 1 twenty minutes from the end, my team did not give up, has not "satisfied", but with pride and character has tried with every strength the victory , getting it right in the end of a real game, interesting until the last second of the game. Honor to Pro Polonghera, who comes out defeated head-on, this team will fight until the last day to find a place to save, in the intricate brawl that also involves Aosta, Asterix and Biellese. Many direct comparisons between "dangerous" teams that can determine the three retrocessions. Important in this regard for ranking and morals the draw obtained by the Biella no less than Juventus who is contending for the promotion promotion, demonstrating that no match can have a written result "on paper" ... are always the 90 'played to give the final response !!! And the 90 'Cossato - Polonghera have seen us start quite brilliant, with the first 25' decidedly home-branded. After the injury (fortuitous clash with partner S. Pozzo) that forces the replacement of Melissa Bonifacio (bad bang at the nasal septum but averted fractures) at 10 ', the goal of the advantage arrives at the 14'. Melissa Demargherita, very soon after the other Melissa, goes to close a nice action on the right with a precise shot-cross on which he pounces Simona Martinoli ... right touch from a few steps and ball on the net! It continues and Marta Fanton first hits the post directly from corner (22 ') then very little kick a nice free kick (24') ... the Polonghera begins to grow, around the 30 'is very good on two occasions our goalkeeper Lu Brancaglion, that first to a conclusion of Elena Faso, then foils out on Debora Civalleri. Still Faso devours the draw at 33 '(alone kicks to the side), while a breath from the rest is Demargherita with a precious half-inverted to touch the doubling.

Shooting with some substitutions and tactical variations on both sides and first clear ball goal on the head of Benni Anselmo, but sends to the side by a few steps (46 '). Failure to double we suffer the return of the guests, who make the game for at least 20 ', creating opportunities and reaching the deserved draw at 63', with a nice goal of the highly successful Cristina Pace. As mentioned earlier comes a great reaction from the end of the race by our girls, who with their hearts and a lot of will try with all their strength the three points ...

Three times the host defender Giuditta Vittone prevents the net, to 72 'putting in corner on Demargherita, to 74' with a paratona on S. Martinoli, to 75 'blocking a shot of Sabina Morello. Lightening the pressure Polonghera in the final, but just when it seems to take share the result of parity comes, at '88', the 2 network to 1 Cossatese. Free kick from the 25 meters that Stefania Pozzo kicks with force and precision, fly G. Vittone but can not prevent the ball from entering the net ... for the second consecutive Sunday a goal by S. Pozzo is decisive for the final result! A nice extra satisfaction for our captain of many football "battles".

Brava but also good her companions who took the field, with Brancaglion careful between the posts, Toniolo, Zampieri and Guardia to complete with Pozzo a good defensive line, Fanton and Zanetta to act on the wings, Pitzalis and Anselmo protagonists in midfield, Levis, Martinoli, Demargherita and then Morello to compose the advanced department ... Not brilliant and continuous as we know, but still positive in the 90 'range ... Go on like this!

As mentioned, the performance of Pro Polonghera, which had good protagonists in the attackers Pace, Faso and Civalleri (later Cintura G.), supported by a tonic midfield with Camerlengo, Gaido and Cintura L. and a very compact defensive department with Benso , Renaldo, Arnaudo and Bertinetto in front of Vittone between the poles. Cavallone and Orlotti also took over.

Comment by Claudio Viglione.

Enrico Manassero
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