Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Biellese - Juventus

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Setback in the promotion race for the girls of Bonvegna. The team, as now happens for some time, must do without important elements, but this reason is not enough to justify the bad test yesterday. The young bianconere struggled more than usual in the construction of the game and only on a few occasions have managed to become dangerous, discreet possession of the ball, but made vain by little imagination or lack of precision in the last step. On the other side the opponents of the Biella have made their game of remittance, but paradoxically have become more dangerous than our girls, even if the goal of the draw seemed to all spoiled by a clear offside of the author of the network. First half with few emotions, at 4 'Gueli serves Tomei who leans towards the complainant Giuliano who from a good position tries the conclusion that ends up a little high on the crossbar. A minute later it is still Giuliano to try the shot from outside, but David is good to deflect his shot in the corner. At 11 'shiver for the Juventus defense, Bretto loses his duel with Orlandin who points the door and sees Milone advanced, lob and only the post saves the girls of Bonvegna. Prompt response of the bianconere. Corner kicked by Gueli who hits the far post directly. At the 35 'Juventus took the lead, Usseglio in the defensive phase, from its own half field launches counterattack Gueli, Pamela gets rid of the marker, discards the goalkeeper out and accompanies the ball undisturbed on the net. The first half ends without other opportunities to report. In the second half the first real opportunity happens in the Biella area. The Juventus defense, on this occasion a bit 'cheerful, allows the home strikers a dangerous conclusion towards the door of Milone, now outdated, is saved by the desperate intervention of Bretto that frees on the goal line. The foiled danger does not give a shock to the Bianconeri girls who continue to grind the game, but without being able to worry much about the goalkeeper David. At 18 'the opportunity to secure the result happen on the feet of Usseglio, Gueli works well a ball on the right and puts it in the middle where it finds well placed free Usseglio at the edge of the small area, the conclusion of Denise ends however incredibly high. Having escaped the danger, the Biellese understands that Juventus is not in its best day and caresses the idea of ​​the company. At 20 'Orlandin juggles well in the area, and despite the opposition of Bretto, manages to turn around and kick a little high. At the 28 'launch of the defense of the Biellese for Orlandin in suspected offside, the 9 number of the Biellese observes the exit of Milone and passes it for 1 to 1. Not up to the reaction of the girls of Bonvegna pouring into the opposing half of the field without ever becoming truly dangerous. Rigoni and Trapani the most interesting opportunities, but too little for a team that aims to win the championship.

Bonvegna, understandably embittered, analyzes the test of his girls: "We had a wrong approach to the match, we could not fix it and do more during the race. Anything we experienced during the race did not change the inertia of the match. We have complicated the situation, but we must not give up, we still have to play three games, we have a duty to try to win them all, if it were not enough it will mean that someone has deserved more than us ».

Juventus Women's: Milone, Cardone, Longhin, Giuliano, Zola, Bretto (63 'Falbo), Boniforte (59' Rigoni), Trapani, Usseglio (66 'Pagliano), Gueli, Tomei. Available: Nicastro. Coach: Bonvegna. Ammonita: Boniforte at 48 '.

Biella: David, Bani, Pellegrino, Savio, Cortese, Maugeri, Primosa (66 'Mello Rella L.), Triani (46' Gullino), Orlandin, Briasco, Lorio (69 'Gamba). Available: Capellaro, Mello Rella C., Botta. Coach: Bazzocchi. Ammonite: Maugeri at 58 ', Briasco at 93'.

Markers: Gueli at 35 ', Orlandin at 73'.


In the photograph: Elena Pagliano

Enrico Manassero
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