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The determination of the Casale, the summer heat and performance anxiety do not prevent the leaders Musiello Saluzzo to return with three points from the insidious trip to the land of Alessandria. The landlords departed strongly with Triassi who at 6 'kicked out from a favorable position. The guests are struggling to be on the field after four weeks since the last official game played and, among the ranks of the Musiello, Cursi tries not to regret the paoletti disqualification even if the agreement with Martinatto seems not to be there in the first minutes. The Casale tries to make the bang but before Cascino from outside, then Buzzoni from the edge find Triolo ready between the poles. With the passing of the minutes the Saluzzesi increase the pace and Martinatto warms his hands at Carnival at 9 'with a shot from the outside. In the next action, Cursi retrieves a good ball on the trocar and opens for White who tries an improbable cross instead of ending, thus throwing nettles a wonderful opportunity. At the 17 'Buzzoni imbecca Triassi that crosses the bottom for the accurrent Cascino, very late. Guests start to attack head-on and touch the net at 18 'with White, weak header over corner, at 20', Chialvo high from outside, at 22 ', Cursi high from limit, at 30' still with weak White and central. The Casalesi struggle to counteract and every initiative is pushed back into their area. At the 31 'Mellano comes face to face with Carnival thanks to a valuable assist of Martinatto but the young outside is hypnotized by the goalkeeper who keeps the match in a tie. Always Martinatto imbeces White at 35 ', dry dribbling on the marker that the imbalance. For the referee it is a penalty. Martinatto himself takes charge of it, displacing Carnival for the guest advantage. The Casale is not there and has a reaction of pride with Buzzoni, but the head ends weakly in the arms of Triolo. At the end, Cascino tries again, but his conclusion is tamed without trouble by Triolo.

In the second fraction, start arrembante of the landlords that the 3 'lacking the draw when Avanti moves from the right wing for the accidental Cascino, still guilty late. The Saluzzesi react with anger and the 50 'double with White who flies through the central streets beating Carnival out. The goal conceded extinguishes the ardor of the landlords who can no longer start again and give opportunities to Cursi, 56 ', out of little, to Chialvo, 57', stopped by a touch of hands very doubt in the area on the competition director, still in Cursi, does not intervene at the 59 ', betrayed by an anomalous rebound of the ball at the time of the conclusion with a sure blow. At the 63 'Cursi offers the trip to Mellano that does not have to pray and bags in the low corner to the left of Carnival. A crazy Cursi a few minutes later may drop the poker but the pole denies the joy of the goal after sowing the panic in the opponent. At the 67 'Costa mockery his own goalkeeper with an own goal on the cross of Tortone and in fact marks the end of hostilities. It remains to note the fifth goal by White, skilled to exploit an indecision of Schillaci and score the personal double at the 78 ', and the pearl of Schillaci who makes up for the previous error by scoring the goal of the flag with a great shot that goes in the seven right corner of Triolo 81 on the developments of a corner.

Continue then head to head at the top of the standings between the Saluzzesi and Juventus, chaser to just two points. Waiting for the direct clash of the 25 April, the girls of Mr. Musiello will host the Astisport Sunday 21 April at 15 in the Via Grangia Vecchia plant in Saluzzo.

Casale: Carnival 6,5, Falcon 6,5 (from 81 'Menegazzo SV), Minato 6 (from 83' Pirrone SV), Hernandez 5, Schillaci 6, Costa 6, Triassi 5,5, Avanti 5,5 (from 85 'Ferrato SV), Cascino 5, Buzzoni 6 , Garbagnati 6. Coach: Lorenzini

Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo 6,5, Dutto 6, Drammis 7 (from 75 '6 Goletto), White 7,5, Lovera 7, Giordano 6,5, Torton 7 (from 70' Minetti 6), Mellano 6,5, Cursi 7, Chialvo 6, Martinatto 6,5 (from 74 ' Fanelli 6,5). Available: Malosti. Coach: Musiello

Networks: 36 'Martinatto on penalty (MS), 50' White (MS), 63 'Mellano (MS), 67' author Costa, 78 'White (MS), 81' Schillaci (C)

Notes: 9 farmhouse shots (6 in port), Musiello Saluzzo 19 shots (10 in goal). Corner: Casale 4, Musiello Saluzzo 9.

Ammonita Schillaci (C) at 19 'for improper play.


In the photograph: Laura Tortone

Enrico Manassero
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