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Under a copious snowfall, the series C female sign game is staged. The landlords need the three points to keep the solitary peak, for the guests, in case of victory, the championship would reopen. The Saluzzesi push immediately on the accelerator in the first 15 minutes but fail to realize with Paoletti, late to 5 'on Tortone's corner, and to 12' with Mellano, able to overcome the direct opponent but not precise in the conclusion. At 17 ', the first offensive sortie of Romagnano that with Soragni touches the net with a treacherous shot on the counterattack. A few minutes pass and at 20 'Pignone it sows the opposing defense like skittles, it overcomes Malosti in dribbling and with an empty goal it fails to score for Lovera's heroic opposition. The escaped danger wakes up the girls of Mr. Musiello who start grinding game and push back the initiatives of the Romagnano. Mellano at the 22 'try the shot but it is out a little Paoletti at 25' arrives late on excellent assay Martinatto, Chialvo looking for the door from the edge to 29 'raising too much, Paoletti 31' test a lob with a nice turn but the sphere ends at the top of the net. The result is not released, the Saluzzo attacks, the Romagnano defends himself with order. At the 34 'begins the very personal show of Notaristefano that literally blinds its door with interventions ripping applause on Mellano, the 36' great flight and sloppy to neutralize the great shooting shot of Chialvo, at 38 'on the developments of a corner on which before Paoletti, then Mellano and white try to reiterate on the net always finding the hands of the goalkeeper. Finally at the end he opposes with skill on the way out to Mellano leaving the bitterness in the mouth of the landlord for the many opportunities created and not materialized. In the second half, the guests are more enterprising despite the playing field begins to accuse some imperfections due to the snowfall. At the 50 ', Malosti performs a miracle on Soragni that, a few minutes later, at the 53', is very skilled at exploiting a mess of the home defense on the developments of a corner. On the knock and hit in the area, you create a scrum from which comes out an inviting ball for the talented striker who realizes the advantage. The goal conceded stuns the saluzzesi that risk to capitulate to 57 'when the usual Soragni flies on the band but is not precise in the conclusion that ends a little to the side. Musiello Saluzzo laboriously tries to recover the result with Paoletti that gives the illusion of the goal on a free kick at 62 '. The guests also resort to strong manners to stop the reaction of the landlords, but they slowly begin to react. At 74 'Minetti has the ball good for the draw but inexplicably it takes the ball a step away from the door allowing the recovery to Scalcon. Minetti herself, at 77 ', does not manage to get on time on the excellent cross from Mellano and Paoletti, at the 79', sees a good shot on the bottom on which Notaristefano is late. At 84 'invitation by Minetti for Paoletti in the area, the attacker tries the dribbling but a touch of his hand prevents her from overcoming her marker. The referee decreed the penalty between the vibrant protests of the guests of which the coach De Caroli charges him, removed from the field. On the disk Paoletti presents the network of draw. In the minutes that remain, space to the final forcing of the Saluzzesi wasting with Minetti XNXX 'and Mellano all'86'. A minute later, all'86 ', double expulsion: Paoletti receives back to the door, Giannetti's mark is rough at least, the tip of the house reacts and the race director decides to send both ahead of time in the shower. In the final few minutes, there is still room for a poisonous conclusion by Mellano to whom an excellent Notaristefano denies the joy of the goal. End with a substantially fair draw. Now, space at the Regional Representation that in the week of Easter will participate in the Tournament of the Regions in Sardinia. The Saluzzesi will return to the field on April 14 in Casale.

Musiello Saluzzo: Malosti 6,5, Cursi 6,5, 6,5 Goletto, 5,5 White (from 56 'Minetti 5,5), Lovera 6, Giordano 6, Tortona 6,5 (from 69' Fanelli 6), Martinatto 5, Paoletti 6,5, Chialvo 6, Mellano 6. Available: Triolo, Giordanino. Coach: Giuliano Musiello.

Romagnano: Notaristefano 7,5, Buccella 6,5, Giannetti 5,5, Nidasio 6, De Nicoló 6,5, Soncin 7, Scalcon 5,5, Zaretti 7, Soragni 7 (from 80 'Orgiu SV), Zignone 7, Tuberga 6. Available: Iato, Zampieron. All: De Caroli

Networks: 53 'Soragni (RO), 84' Paoletti (MS) on rig

Notes: ammonite De Nicolò (RO), Faretti (RO), expelled Paoletti (MS) and Giannetti (RO). At the 84 'away from the pitch the coach DeCaroli (RO).

Shoots Musiello Saluzzo 15 (6 in the door), Romagnano 10 (7 in the door), corners 9 (MS), 7 (RO).


In the photograph: Enrica Paoletti

Enrico Manassero
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