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As expected, the leaders take a bite of the unfortunate Polonghera taking advantage of the rest of Juventus to get to 5 length of advantage. The two teams complain of numerous absences in their ranks, but this factor does not prevent the holding of a pleasant race at least in the first half. The Saluzzesi start strong immediately going to the shot twice in the first 5 minutes without never even worry the home goalkeeper. At 10 ', Mellano's cross, the ball escapes from the hands of the goalkeeper and the quickest to take advantage of it is Paoletti who pounces on the ball and throws it on the net. The landlords try to react but some imprecision of too much does not allow Rollè the detour under the door and then the conclusion to the network face to face with Triolo. Surprised by this reaction, the guests raised the pace and hit a post with Mellano, involatasi on the band after valuable support of Chialvo. It is only the prelude of the goal that arrives at the 21 'to the work of Paoletti that exploits at best a perfect assist of Martinatto. The Polonghera does not give up and immediately shortens the distance to 23 'with a shot from the distance of Civalleri that surprises Triolo, guiltily too far ahead. Not even the time to bring the ball to the half-field that White sows the panic in the Polonghera's lines by jumping the opponents like skittles and giving Mellano the opportunity for an easy tap-in for the 24 'double advantage goal. Just three minutes pass and at the 27 'Fanelli resolves a melee in the area on developments in a corner on which once again the home goalkeeper is not free from faults. The first half still sees a stake of White from a defiled position at the 28 'and, at the end, at 44', a beautiful action always with White protagonist, well assisted by Martinatto and Paoletti, which however ends shortly.

In the second half the rhythms are decidedly lower. The Saluzzesi, now strong advantage gained, do not press on the accelerator even with a view to retaining physical and mental strength in view of the big match against the Romagnano next Sunday. The landlords pay a first time played at high rates and can not counter the opposing initiatives. It comes out 45 'pretty monotonous played all in the half field of Polonghera that suffers only two other networks, White to 71' and Martinatto to 76 ', thanks to the prowess of his goalkeeper who denies the way of goal in at least a dozen occasions and for a penalty. It ends 6 to 1 for the guests.

Musiello Saluzzo: Triumph 6, Cursi 6,5, Fanelli 7, White 7, Lovera 6,5, Giordano 5,5, Torton 7 (from 74 '6,5), Mellano 7 (from 56' Minetti 6), Paoletti 7, Chialvo 6,5, Martinatto 6,5. Available: Malosti

Pro Polonghera: Vittone 6, Renaldo 5 (from 79 'Alberto SV), Camerlengo 5, Arnaudo 5, Loiacono 5,5, Belt L.5,5, Belt G. 5,5, Cavallone 6, Civalleri 6,5 (from 67' Benso 5), Pace 6, Rollè 5 (from the 57 'Bonamico 5). Available: Bertinetto, Florio

Networks: 10 ', 21' Paoletti (MS), 23 'N ° 9 (P), 24' Mellano (MS), 27 'Fanelli (MS), 71' White (MS), 76 'Martinatto (MS)

Notes: Giordano (MS) fails a penalty kick at 66 '. TIRI: Musiello Saluzzo 35 (21 in the door), Polonghera 8 (4 in the door), CORNERS: Musiello Saluzzo 15, Polonghera 3.


In the photograph: Gabriella Triolo

Enrico Manassero
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