Friday, 15 May 2015
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Aosta - Musiello Saluzzo

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Big and round success of the Musiello Saluzzo that, on the field of Saint Pierre, liquidates the landlords of Aosta Le Violette with the score of 0-10. Despite the absence of Minetti, Tortone and Lovera mister Giuliano Musiello does not give up an offensive scheme opting for a 4-2-3-1 with Malosti between the posts, defense to four with Cursi, Dutto, Giordano and Giordanino, to make a barrier in front to the defense Fanelli and Chialvo, the only tip Paoletti supported by trio Bianco-Mellano-Martinatto. Saluzzesi start immediately strong that after just 9 'pass in favor with Fanelli able to solve a melee in the area created by a free kick from the trocar Mellano. Opportunities flock from the parts of a bombed Mognol that saves as you can before capitulating in front of a touch below Mellano, well imbeccata Paoletti. At the 23'pt also comes the third network that bears the signature of the captain, still served masterfully by Enrica Paoletti. Aosta stumbles and is finally knocked out at the 32'pt when Paoletti, on a free kick, displaces the extreme home defender complicit a deflection of the barrier. In the second half Musiello Saluzzo plays even more fluency and after a few seconds is White to score with a lob millimeter that goes off behind a disconsolate Mognol. A few minutes pass and also Deborah Martinatto goes to sign exploiting a splendid choral maneuver between Giordano and Paoletti. At the 23'st still Martinatto swells the network proving the fastest in the area reaffirming a conclusion in the network of White printed on the crossbar. The young striker from Turin ends his half-hour of fire making the personal triplet capitalizing at best a suggestion of Mellano dall'out right. The final minutes are an eternal agony for the landlords always put on the ropes by the unleashed guests that lead to nine markings still with White that distance mock Mognol. Finally, Enrica Paoletti will close the table and will deposit a corner kicked by Martinatto at the back of the bag.

"A reaction of pride after the draw with Cossato was what we wanted - explains the leadership of Saluzzo - Today I saw a good team game and the girls were good at not underestimating a race that could seem too simple. A plaudit to all but a special mention to Dutto and Giordanino who, despite having been little used in this first part of the championship, have shown their value ".

AOSTA VIOLETTE: Mognol 7, Castellan 5.5, Bari 5.5, Coccimiglio 6, Bernetti 5, Hiscock 5 (1'st Gorret 5.5), Scano 5 (15'st Pugliesi 5.5), Mussel 5, Ghersi 5, Perrin 6.5 (1'st Gobbi 6) , Fazari 5. All: Antonini

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti 6.5, Cursi 6.5 (30'st Triolo 6.5), Dutto 6.5, Giordano 6.5, Giordanino 6.5, Mellano 7, Chialvo 6 (22'st 6 Goletto), Fanelli 7.5, White 7.5, Martinatto 8, Paoletti 8. A disp: Drammis. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 9'pt Fanelli (MS), 21'pt Mellano (MS), 23'pt Chialvo (MS), 32'pt Paoletti (MS), 1'st White (MS), 4'st Martinatto (MS), 23'st Martinatto (MS), 33'st Martinatto (MS), 39'st White (MS), 46'st Paoletti (MS)


In the photograph: Elena Dutto

Enrico Manassero
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