Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Luserna corsaro, Cossato head high ...

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FOOTBALL FOOTBALL - LUXURY 1 to 3 Boscaro Giulia

The Luserna arrives at Cossato, hungry for points so as not to lose ground from the capoclassifica Musiello Saluzzo and Juventus. On our part we would like to give continuity to our good playing time and results, which brought us to the exact half of a classification still far from being the definitive one. The result was obviously a lively match, played openly and agonistically tough until the end, sealed at the 90 'by a victory for three goals to one in favor of the guests who certainly have not "stolen" anything conquering the entire mail , but at the same time there remains a bit of bitterness on our part for how the latter has matured. If indeed it was clear in this race how well structured the team of Luserna San Giovanni, equipped in my opinion of the strongest midfield of the championship and an always dangerous offensive department, it is equally true that our team has behaved well and we proved to be up to the situation and the opponents (as already in the first leg of the race). So it was 2 2, this time the Luserna gets the whole mail, with our regret that comes from having suffered the first two goals thanks to a clear day unlucky for the extreme defender L. Brancaglion, and the third mark in the final race in numerical inferiority after the expulsion of M. Pitzalis ... Football is this, it is beautiful and it is varied, and not always the final result can be clear and limpid as one would like. Congratulations to Luserna, he won deserving a crucial race for his journey, congratulations to Cossato, released head-on after 90 'that will be an important experience especially for the young ... Said that the arbitrage seemed at times poorly polished and made of decisions often not implemented with the same yardstick, the same obviously ended up displeasing both teams, causing too much nervousness in the final race.

But let's get to the news: The visiting team is very strong and after just three minutes of play it's S. Pozzo who fights a great shot from A. D'Ancona, just a few steps from the goal line, while just two minutes later it's the same D ' Ancona to take advantage of an error in the exit of our goalkeeper who gets over the last rebound, a breeze for the tip of Luserna to deposit on the net ... Lu Brancaglion redeems himself at 8 'with a great parade on R Pons, and just one minute later the draw is reached, thanks to a strong and precise header by M. Pitzalis, who is lest to put a corner kicked by D. Zampieri on the net. So start the crackling race, which continues with a clear growth on the part of our girls, authors of some good actions that lead us to be several times dangerous, at 14 'with a shot on the side of MS Levis, at 24' with a great shot by the captain S. Pozzo rejected by the visiting goalkeeper C. Serafino, and then with a header of little by A. Zanetta from the cross of M. Demargherita ... Sudden, unexpected at that juncture, the goal of the advantage for the Luserna! R. Pons is free at the edge of our area, instead of checking and aiming at the net leaves a weak right but angled, the ball seems harmless but unfortunately for our colors the initial indecision of our L. Brancaglion is crucial ... the ball roll slowly until you hit the post and run into the net for 1 to 2. At that point we go back to suffer, the network suffered psychologically stunned and the reaction this time does not come, if not with a beautiful half reverse of M. Demargherita that commits C. Serafino to 43 '. In the second half the race is struggling to take off, we try hard, substitutions, tactical changes to go up the slope, but in these situations the Luserna demonstrates experience, tactical ability and extreme concentration to bring home a precious result. The minutes pass and the competitive spirit grows, which obviously does not favor our team, much younger than average age compared to guests. The result is a few Ammonites per side and the expulsion of M. Pitzalis for protests, the latter that virtually closes the game, given that only two minutes after remaining in numerical inferiority we suffer the net of the definitive 1 to 3 by P Carofalo (80 ').

In the next round home game apparently easy for the Luserna vs Aosta, while for our colors difficult and delicate transfer to face a Cit Turin launched and back from a prestigious victory in the home of Luserna obtained in the recovery last week.

Today's Formations:


1) L. BRANCAGLION - Sometimes decisive for our successes, unfortunately today unlucky day, football is so, especially for goalkeepers. It will have time and way to redeem itself.

2) C. MACHIERALDO- Brava, always careful and precise in marking.

3) M. BONIFACIO - Excellent performance, first in defense and then to push, never gives up to 90 '!

4) A. BENEDETTA - Very positive, toned and determined in a particularly challenging role today. (FROM 83 'P. ROMITO) - The right commitment in a not easy ending.

5) A. ZANETTA - He carries out the tactical task entrusted to her with dedication. Appreciable. (FROM THE 46 'M. GUARDIA) - Good is his second time, he has been missing from the fields for some time, but he could not be said ...

6) S. POZZO - Exemplary in difficulties, does not give up in any situation and takes responsibility in the "hottest" moments of the game, as a true captain.

7) D. ZAMPIERI- Not as bright as on other occasions, but still constant and determined until the end. Always a guarantee.

8) M. PITZALIS - Difficult task in the middle of the field played with dedication, a beautiful and important goal, too bad for the expulsion that a player of her experience could have avoided ...

9) M. DEMARGHERITA - Fight as it should, the commitment is not lacking, another important experience for his baggage, and try the goal with a half-inverted applause. (FROM 63 'I. GIORDANO) - diligent and ordered his performance, even with the right competitive spirit.

10) MS LEVIS - This time there was no goal, but a splendid match. The absolute best in my opinion, with delicious games and valuable actions.

11) S. MARTINOLI - First important time, falls in the second half. However growing in recent weeks. (FROM 83 'G. BOSCARO) - Even for her a difficult race finale but with the right look.


Comment by Claudio Viglione

In the photograph: Giulia Boscaro

Enrico Manassero
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