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Romagnano - Juventus

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This was not the race that was to change the championship of Romagnano and this should not be the occasion for regrets. Of that he had already spoken abundantly after the 0-0 with the AstiSport and seven days later the grenade of Davide Decaroli stop the leaders Juventus on 1-1. Probably we would be here to talk about another result if after the 10 'the referee had detected a macroscopic offside at the 0-1 of Usseglio. But perhaps one wonders if it was appropriate to designate a referee from Collegno like Mr. Anthony Cusumano for a match so felt between a team from Novara and Turin. In addition to the goal in offside, the race director has managed to displease everyone with his direction reversing, often failing inexplicably. Apart from this note of color, the Romagnano sees in fact vanish on the field the latest hopes to return to the fight to the primacy. But more could not be asked: compared to the spectacular 2-3 of the first leg there were no Medina and Graziotto (in that case, bruises), more Iato on the bench for signing honor for an ankle trouble, Buccella not at best, Lomazzi forced to train with narrow gauge and the last tile, that of the influence that has knocked out Soro for the whole week. It was certainly not the best way to present yourself to this challenge. Instead, the Romagnano surprised everyone and despite a final suffered suffered a draw that could also turn into victory if it were not for the skill of Milone. After 10 'Mr. Cusumano enters right in the history of the match: Zaretti suffers foul in midfield, the referee signals an advantage that does not materialize, the action continues and Gueli launches in the area of ​​Ienopoli that beats Notaristefano in clear offside position. Put the race on the best track, Juventus controls the challenge that is played especially in midfield. At 40 'Zignone, not new to certain feats, he feels crazy: a shot from 40 meters that surprised Milon under the crossbar. In the second half the two teams face each other with determination in the first part. Mr. Cusumano puts some of his to create nervousness, then at the 6 'the audience of the Municipal shouts at the goal, when the new entry Soragni gets rid of Cardone and lets start a blow of great power: Milone, well placed, responds as a champion, deviating in corner with the hand of call. As the minutes pass the game goes off: Notaristefano takes a dangerous ball sloping all'8 ', Bretto stands on a corner of Gueli 32' without finding the door and in the final Veia sins twice low power seeing Milone out of the poles . At the 46 'Soragni, on the counterattack, resists the contrast of an adversary and seeks an incredible lob of external right: the ball does not get up sufficiently and Milone blocks. Juventus seeks the siege, but slams against the wall erected by the Sesian defense, led by a De Nicolò Representative format.

At the end of the race Mr. Decaroli is very satisfied: "A troubled week, so many absences and then losses during the race, it seemed all bewitched, but at least we got a point, I say good to all my girls, we played a brave game and we had the best opportunities to win ".

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella (1 'St Soragni), Giannetti, Nidasio, De Nicolò, Soncin, Zignone (65' Mazzei), Zaretti, Zampieron (50 'Veia), Pella, Tuberga (80' Scalcon). Available: Iato, Lomazzi.

Juventus: Milone, Cardone, Falbo, Trapani, Bretto, Zola, Ienopoli, Dema, Usseglio, Gueli, Giuliano. Available: Ronchietto, Longhin, Boniforte, Pagliano, Tomei, Rigoni, Gilli. All .: Bonvegna.

Referee: Cusumano di Collegno

Networks: 10 'Ienopoli, 40' Zignone.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Nadine Zaretti

Enrico Manassero
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