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Excellent performance in the house of the leaders

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At the end of the race the result could have been different ... we could have come out of Saluzzo with three points, or even lose the game, we know that in football there are many variables that can determine or influence the final score of a match. In both cases neither team would have stolen anything. Right then draw, but in any case my personal comment would not change a comma, because the most important thing this Sunday was the awareness of having played a very good performance, to have played good football at the home of the first class putting in difficulty the very large landlords, proving to be now a team able to maintain the pace of this category on every field and in every situation. This is what I wanted, as much as we wanted, to play a nice game on one of the most difficult fields of the championship. We succeeded, and the result has also rewarded us, with a deserved draw for 2 2 that coincidentally goes to trace even in the score (2 to 2 precisely) the draws obtained in the first round with two other teams that are going contending the top of the ranking, Luserna and Romagnano.

So we continue our journey in this beginning of the second round, after the turn of rest in fact 4 points in two races, the result of a home win with Casale and equal to Saluzzo. As the saying goes on the ground, forward with humility and determination, the championship is long and difficult and the goal of safe salvation is still to be conquered ... For the Musiello nothing compromised, still many races and all direct comparisons to try the jump category, it will be an exciting challenge!

Chronicle then: immediately in the field serene and unscrupulous our team, with twenty minutes in which the Musiello Saluzzo definitely suffers the game and the rhythm imprinted by the blue, which engage the good Malosti to 9 'with Ale Zanetta (well served by M Fanton) with a pitched pitch that puts the number one home in serious difficulty. At 19 'shot - cross of D. Zampieri deflected by a defender, Malosti is saved this time with the help of the post. Reacts the home team with E. Paoletti at 21 '(high on the crossbar) and at 28' with C. Minetti who hits the post directly from corner. Proof of the goal of Saluzzo, which comes 4 minutes later, when Paoletti breaks into a pitched corner and puts the advantage net from a few steps. Final of time still of Cossano brand, first with one of the most beautiful actions of the whole race at the 35 ', with a finalization from the right of Fanton for M. Hope Levis who kicks with force but is ready for the Malosti parade. Then at the 37 'a header by Levis on a free kick by Zampieri ends high, ending at 46' free kick from long distance by B. Anselmo saved by Malosti with the help of the crossbar. At the beginning of the recovery the draw, restart action orchestrated by M. Pitzalis and S. Martinoli, precious and precise his assist for Levis that a great left shoves the seven crossing the shot and easily knocking the home goalkeeper. On the 1 1 we take further courage while the Musiello swerves, but when the inertia of the race seems at that point to pass on our side, suddenly the leaders hit. Free kick from a rather tight position on the left, and the good E. Paoletti puts directly on the net on the first post, with the complicity of Brancaglion, not impeccable occasion ... 2 1 52 '... alternate at that point opportunities from goal, but the goalkeepers are overcome, showing off some good interventions. I remember in particular Lu Brancaglion very good on Chialvo's shot at 55 'and amazing at 82' on a heel shot by Paoletti again. Wonderful intervention of Malosti at 61 'on Levis from the distance. 87 'goal is the final draw, with a quick action that catches the home defense unprepared. And 'M. Fanton to make the last precise launch on M. Speranza Levis that from the edge of the area leaves a right that goes under the crossbar for 2 2 ... Next Sunday Musiello Saluzzo away to Aosta, Cossato another "prohibitive" race, we will receive the visit of Luserna, currently the third force in the championship. We will do our best once again to live up to the opposing team and get out of the field with our heads held high.

Sunday Formations:



1) L. BRANCAGLION- Not impeccable on the occasion of the two goals conceded. Wonderful and decisive in at least two other situations.

2) C. MACHIERALDO - Against similar opponents sometimes lacking experience, but certainly the performance is very positive!

3) M. BONIFACIO - Continuously growing. Today perhaps the best performance of the season.

4) S. MARTINOLI - Simona in condition for 90 'proves very important for us. Experience and continuity of play especially in the second half of the race.

5) M. FANTON - Today first employed by the outside, then by third tier, ends in midfield ... 3 roles for a complete performance with a decisive assist.

6) B. ANSELMO- Replaces Captain S. POZZO disqualified in the delicate role of defensive central. It does so with determination and right timing, excellent match his!

7) D. ZAMPIERI - The player that every coach would like to have in his team! Another impeccable match.

8) M. PITZALIS - Sacrified in a delicate tactical task in the midfield, it limits the very strong A. CHIALVO almost to annul it. He can not express himself during the push phase but still puts the hand in the most important actions.

9) M. DEMARGHERITA- A few occasions to go to the shooting, but a big job of pressing and considerable effort for the team, good! (FROM THE 75 'P. ROMITO - Precious fresh power in the final and important for the comeback in the last minutes)

10) MS LEVIS - Exciting! His most dangerous games, his two blue goals, one more beautiful than the other.

11) A. ZANETTA - Strong, committed, determined ... finally! So it is really useful for the team ... and it also touches the goal. (FROM THE 70 'G. BOSCARO - Enter to give strong to the companions without fear and with a lot of competitive spirit.

Coach: Trademarks / Viglione

Comment by Claudio Viglione

In the photograph: Maria Speranza Levis

Enrico Manassero
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