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Juventus - Aosta

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JUVENTUS - AOSTA 15-2 Trapani

After the winter break, for the first return Juventus hosts the Violette Aosta. The superiority of the girls of Bonvegna manifests itself from the first minutes. The girls of Antonini throughout the first half can never make themselves dangerous and when the referee sends the teams to rest they are under 8 goals. During the recovery Bonvegna makes all the substitutions at its disposal. The Juventus team confirms the clear territorial supremacy of the first half, spreading from the point of view of the networks, which will be 15 at the end of ninety minutes with eight different girls in the scorer, but ends up giving two counter-attacks to opponents who do not they miss the opportunity and realize 2 networks. In addition to the 17 goals achieved by the two teams, countless opportunities have been created by the young bianconeri, including the Usseglio pole at 10 ', the two rescues on the goal line, the 13' on Falbo's shot and the 25 'on the head of Usseglio and the crossbar of Boniforte at 55'.

The game is already unlocked at the 3 'when Usseglio recovers the ball on offense, serves perfectly Gueli who also discards the goalkeeper and almost from the bottom bag to empty port. At 16 'Usseglio intercepts a ball rejected by the opposing defense and kicks the fly making the 2-0. At the 21 'good personal action of Gueli, exploiting even some favorable rebound, manages to put in the middle for Boniforte that does not struggle to beat for the third time Hiscock. At the 27 'Gueli is still to perfectly trigger Usseglio who is alone in front of Hiscock, the Violet goalkeeper can close the mirror of the door and repel, but Tomei pounces on the ball that signs the 4-0. At 33 'Trapani is to launch on the offside line Gueli that does not forgive: 5-0. At 35 'personal action of Usseglio who kicks hard and bends the fingers of the goalkeeper who had guessed the direction of shooting: 6-0. At the 39 'Falbo adds his name to the scorer's scoreboard by putting Guel's 7-0 on the assist. At 41 'Trapani realizes the penalty that fixes the result of the first half on 8-0, penalty awarded to foul on Usseglio that was preparing to achieve after discarding the goalkeeper.

At 48 'Falbo with a cross-shot on which he was ready to pounce Gueli realizes the 9-0. At the 54 'shorten the girls of Aosta, Castellan flees on the counterattack on the right and beats Milone, 9-1. At the 56 'Gueli has fun in the opposing area, jump several opponents and brings the result on the 10-1. At the 58 'Falbo realizes his hat-trick with a nice counter-attack, 11-1. At the 70 'a good cross of Gueli apprehensively opposing defense that repels short, the ball reaches the level of the spot where Trapani lightning the goalkeeper and brings the result on the 12-1. At 71 'Benatello draws well Gueli, who discards the goalkeeper and supports the 13-1 in the undefended net. At 75 'is the turn of Gilli to score his name on the scoreboard, from the edge of the area leaves a shot that leads to 14-1 the partial. At 83 Benatello closed the day's markings for his team with a nice shot from the 15-1 limit. At the 90 ', right at the end of the match, a new Violette counterattack concluded on the net from Bari fixed the result on the 15-2, a rather unusual result on the football fields.

At the end of the match Mister Antonini recognizes the clear superiority of the opponents and regrets not having been able to count on the entire available rose. Believes that the defeat could be numerically reduced if he could count on Mognol, the goalkeeper, replaced however very well by the veteran Hiscock but normally plays striker.

Bonvegna despite the clear victory sees lights and shadows in today's test of his girls. «The team wanted to resume after the break and we saw the determination shown in the field, but we could not make the game I had asked for; the euphoria, the too much desire to do goals led us to be too offensive allowing 2 counterattacks that made us suffer 2 networks. Better the first time where we were more square, while in the second we went too much to boarding. It is not important to make so many goals, but play well in football and make goals thanks to the good game ».


In the photograph: Giulia Trapani

Enrico Manassero
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