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A great draw

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Let's start, for once, from the end ... At the end of the race, handshakes and mutual compliments, words of esteem and positive expressions between technicians, managers and even supporters, which is certainly not usual in our daily football, to further confirm not only of the good relations that exist between these two women's soccer associations, but also to testify that it takes very little to ensure that common sense and serenity can always prevail in the face of any kind of result. Result that this time certainly cheers our team more, which can make this draw with the very popular Romagnano a real "flagship" of a journey so far more than profitable in this Serie C championship, while disappointing a little the Sesian women, who obviously aimed at full loot in an attempt to recover points towards the very first positions of the ranking ...

So applause from a public that certainly enjoyed it, because today's race had all the necessary ingredients to show how beautiful a football match is. Interesting tactical situations, good technical play, good competitive spirit, goal scoring opportunities and four goals, two of them on action, one for a corner, one for a penalty ... Tell me, is something missing? ... Sure, the race director. Mr. Dametto of the Ivrea section, he too at the height of the situation, he too concentrated throughout the whole game, he too in the end aligned with the draw that the teams obtained on the field, given that in my personal opinion he has made a couple of mistakes, one on each side ...

On the first goal of Romagnano he did not detect an obvious offside by E. Buccella, and on the occasion of our draw he gave a rather benign penalty, for a foul that perhaps many others would not have sanctioned. All seasoned with two yellow cards per side. This is the summary of a fair balance after all, between two teams that prefer the search for the maneuvered game, which in my opinion have also divided the 90 ', with a first time in which the Romagnano grenades have certainly done better than us, and a recovery that has seen our blue-clad girls prevail.

The Sesians suffer from the forced exit of D. Graziotto after just 10 'of play, while for our part the unprecedented tactical alignment (4-4-1-1) succeeds in stopping often the opponents attacks, but from midfield upwards we cannot find continuity and danger. In the second part of the race our 4-3-3 is much more positive, which allows us to often put guests in difficulty, who suffer the determination and the will of our players on several occasions. Among the Romagnano girls a particular praise for the whole advanced department, today without the good Zignone, endowed with athletes able to always put in any difficulty any defense. The performances of Erica Buccella, excellent for all 90 ', and Deborah Soragni, the youngest but the most imaginative of the Sesian points, stand out today, in my opinion. As for my girls, I have to say that if they hadn't all played an "eight report card" game, we certainly wouldn't have been able to come out unbeaten against one of the "battleships" of the championship, so a huge compliment to all of them!

I reduce the news to the essentials, highlighting the clearest opportunities. In the first half at the 4 'our Lu Brancaglion is very good at foiling a clear guest opportunity, while he capitulates to the 12' for the network of E. Buccella. The same could double at the 14 ', but still our goalkeeper is exceeded. Then two punishments in our favor, at 24 'M. Fanton engages M. Notaristefano, while at 40' the captain, S. Pozzo, hits the crossbar. At the second and last minute of recovery of the first half the goal of 1 at 1, realized by D. Zampieri with a right from a position away from the 30 meters, which overrides M. Notaristefano before he hits the post and ends in the net! In the immediate resumption the 2 to 1 guest, with D. Soragni swift to put a ball from a corner (49 ') into the net from a few steps and only a minute later it is MS Levis to touch the same with a shot that touches the intersection . At 60 'D. Soragni kicks to the side a little while at the 67' the draw is a done deal, with M. Fanton who first procures and then turns the penalty kick. In the end more pressure from Cossatese and Romagnano more devoted to the relaunch for possible counter-attacks, but there are no more obvious opportunities for the two teams, that bring to term the matured draw.



1) L. BRANCAGLION- Nothing can on the two nets, very good on some occasions, also decisive.

2) C. MACHERALDO- A knee problem makes her suffer a lot, but for an hour she fights as always in a big way. FROM THE 55 'M. TONIOLO - Out of six games due to injury he is back today in the most delicate moment of the race, and it seems that he never came out ... Really good!

3) M. BONIFACIO - Strikers strong and fast opponents, but our Meli today is exceeded, growing at distance and showing off its best seasonal performance. 4)

B. ANSELMO- He was looking for an important performance, and he succeeded, bringing continuity and intensity to the midfield, always up to the situation, without ever disfiguring in front of the listed opponents.

5) M. GUARDIA - Recently returned to the group after a long injury, she is now in the field from the first minute. Almost an hour at good levels, careful and timely in closures. FROM THE 55 'M. DEMARGHERITA - Enter to compose the offensive trident for a half-hour “of fire”, immediately undergoes a couple of fouls but gets up and immediately proves to be in the game, with vigor and just determination also seeks the conclusion to the net.

6) S. POZZO - One of the best in the field. Very careful and ready in the double to lead a defensive line grappling with a super-attacking opponent. The crossbar denies her the satisfaction of the goal on a free kick. Excellent performance of the captain!

7) D. ZAMPIERI- Tactical diligent in the first half, he carries out his task often going to the shooting, and finally finds the first personal goal in this championship. In the second half he is a giant, marking and pushing his own band of competence. Very good.

8) M. PITZALIS - Determinant. Our midfield cannot do without its experience and its continuity, in this type of games all its capabilities emerge. Widely demonstrated today, when 25 'played very "low", in front of the defense, our game did not take off. As soon as it was raised our maneuver has regained vigor.

9) S. MARTINOLI - As for M. Guardia, returning from the first minute after a long injury. He didn't even expect to play from the beginning, but he knew how to play the (difficult today) one-sided role, doing his best for about an hour. Brava! FROM THE 55 'S. MILAZZO - For her it is still an ex race, even though she has been in Cossato for several years now. However, today was the best game for her since the beginning of the season. 35 'of important games, with desire and vivacity, decisive in giving impetus to our attack.

10) MS LEVIS- The tactical solution of the first half does not facilitate it. In the second half it is again in the heart of the game, and our actions immediately benefit from it. It touches the goal and ends up growing.

11) M. FANTON - Diligent in the first half, but never decisive. In the second half the tactical form and the right spirit makes the whole team react, and Marta in particular. From now tireless slider on all the offensive front, he often puts in difficulty the host defense. It procures and transforms the rigor of the 2 into 2 then final. Only the cramps stop her before the end. Excellent performance! FROM THE 80 'I. GIORDANO - In the field in a very delicate moment, but he immediately enters the game, showing determination and ability, very useful for the team in a beautiful final race.




Comment by Claudio Viglione

In the photograph: Marta Fanton

Enrico Manassero
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