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Juventus - Biellese

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Goalball festival at Faccioli. First time one-way: clear the superiority of young bianconere who, with good organization of play, careful defense and effective attack, do not struggle to be right in a Biellese that only in the end can be dangerous. First goal in the third minute, the defense of Biella in trouble try to free, but the ball rears and falls in the area of ​​Usseglio who does not think twice and turns the ball into the net. Doubling to the 16 ': Ienopoli launches perfectly Gueli leaving the defenders in place and on the exit of David crosses and brings the companions on 2 0. At the 21 'due to a slight injury the goalkeeper of Biella David, is replaced by Paggio. At the 23 'the young Gilli tries to turn into Pirlo and Ienopoli fishing that angrily downloads in the network for 3 0. Goal important for Ienopoli who missed the appointment with the goal from the second day. The Biellese faces for the first time from the parts of Camarchio to 28 'with La Piana that counterattacks all but the omnipresent Bretto that prevents the shot. We try again at 39 'Orlandin, who ends a fine invitation by Maugeri, an easy parade by Camarchio. At 45 'beat and beat in the area of ​​Biella until the ball reaches Ienopoli that with a powerful shot hits the intersection of the poles. In the minute of recovery Juventus seems already in the locker room and the Biellese take advantage to reduce the distances: a seemingly harmless shot of Orlandin takes a strange trajectory slipping between the legs of the Camarchio 3 1. Start recovery to forget for the young bianconere that squander the advantage of the first half in less than three minutes. Orlandin cuts butter as a defensive defense, exceeds Camarchio out too timid and from the bottom can find the right glimmer: ball hitting the pole and carambola in the net, 3 2. You would expect a reaction and instead in the next action Orlandin brings the Biellese to a draw with the complicity of the entire Juventus defensive department that remains to watch. 3 to 3, all to be redone for the girls of Bonvegna. The cold shower of the draw reawakens the girls of Bonvegna, Gueli from the right serves Tomei (substituted in Ienopoli at the beginning of recovery) who, from the edge of the area, invents a parable to be learned for the goalkeeper from Biella. The new advantage rekindles the bianconere who grind the game and create new opportunities to round off the score, Trapani first fails an easy opportunity to 52 'weakly kicking a nice Cardon assists, then leads to 5 the networks of his team at 56' finalizing perfection, a good assist by Gueli. Pass just 3 minutes and on a corner beaten by Gueli burst an amazing Bretto that bags the 6 to 3. The emotions are not over, at the 64 'the Biellese shortens the distances again. Punishment from the limit, excellent performance of the usual Orlandin that leaves no way out to Camarchio, 6 to 4 and fourth personal network for Orlandin. At the 77 'Juventus is again to go in goal, down on the left of Falbo, cross to the center for Usseglio bag head for the 7 4. At the 83 'new black out of the Juventus defensive department, Maugeri took advantage of that directs a seemingly harmless shot towards the Juventus goal but that ends its run on the net. And we are 7 to 5. At 90 'a beautiful Juventus action is ended by Tomei trying to climb over the goalkeeper with a calibrated lob that bypasses the crossbar very little. In the second minute of recovery is Benatello to put an end to this incredible game, steals the ball in midfield and starts from the opponent's door, bypasses the goalkeeper out and settles comfortably in the door without the ball of the final 8 5.

For Mr. Bonvegna "... the offensive phase of the team is excellent with 8 goal of fine workmanship, born of choral actions, undoubtedly among the most beautiful of our season. The defensive phase was a sore point, the girls were off, deconcentrated, and did little pressing. In the first half we did not give much to our opponents, but at the beginning of the second we were not there, we remained in the locker room and they found the draw in a daring way. Apart from the goal immediately on punishment, the others were all avoidable. I am convinced that these distractions will not be repeated in the future ". Similar to the comment by Mister Bazzocchi, also happy with the offensive phase of his team and worried about the defensive phase that saw them endure eight goals. Requested a comment on how he saw Juventus responded that he saw a fast, tidy team that plays well the ball from before. The team that impressed him most among those encountered so far excluding Juventus is the Musiello.

Feminine Juventus: Camarchio, Cardone, Falbo, Giuliano, Bretto, Zola, Ienopoli (46 'Tomei), Gilli (57' Benatello), Usseglio, Gueli, Trapani (75 'Longhin). Available; Milone, Pagliano. Coach: Bonvegna. Ammonita: Trapani.

Biellese: David (21 'Paggio), Gullino (86' Taipe Diaz), Apicella (42 'Primosa), Cortese, Maugeri, Savio, Lake, Triani, Orlandin, La Piana, Lorio. Available: Capellaro, Andreo, Briasco. Coach: Bazzocchi. Ammonita: Lorio.

Markers: 3 'and 77' Usseglio (J), 16 'Gueli (J), 23' Ienopoli (J), 49 'Tomei (J), 56' Drills (J), 59 'Bretto (J) 92' Benatello ( J), 45, 46 '48' 64 'Orlandin (B), 82' Maugeri (B).


In the photograph: Denise Usseglio


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