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Precious away victory

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PRO POLONGHERA - COSTS 0-1 Romito Prisca

Polonghera could and should have been an important milestone for our championship, for the path we are currently following, and so it was. Let's go back to this trip with a victory built, desired, deservedly obtained, and especially with three points that lead us to share 15 in today's ranking that are worth the 7 ° place, allowing us to go to play the last two races of the first round with the maximum serenity, so as to face two "battleships" of the caliber of Romagnano and Juventus without particular worries and pressures. We can concentrate to do our best on the field, proving we want to try and play football in the best possible way, without any particular conditioning. So we come to today's race, which has seen two diametrically opposing teams. The Polonghera has taken care to pay particular attention to the defensive phase, doing its best to close spaces and corridors, allowing as little as possible to our attacks and trying to start again with the counter-attack triggered mostly with long casts for the two players more advanced, E. Faso and C. Peace in most cases. On the part of our blue girls cossatesi instead a constant search for the construction of the action, through collective maneuvers that often led to the conclusion to the network, with at least a dozen occasions of a certain danger. Obviously at this point to be able to say that the final score is very tight as seen in the field, and that our final victory is widely deserved, also sealed by a percentage of possession in our favor decidedly high! Proof of all this action that after two minutes of play decides the race ... A collective maneuver by our girls, who reach the goal of the advantage after 17 consecutive passes without the opponents are able to intercept the ball, with final cross from D. Zampieri that M. S. Levis transforms, with a right sub-measure, into the 0 network to 1 which will then be the final result, 90 'after ... After the splendid advantage achieved the same Levis "risks" to double after only three minutes, when on assists of M. Fanton shoots high just in front of the home goalkeeper G. Vittone. At 12 'the most important opportunity for the landlords, with C. Peace that exploits a counterattack going to overcome in lob our L. Brancaglion in exit but the ball does not have the strength necessary to get over the goal line, so the defense has the ability to recover ... After a "monologue" blue, rarely interspersed with the counterattack of Polonghera. I underline a splendid parade of Vittone on Levis 'shot at 19', a crossing of the poles hit by a great right-footed shot by G. Boscaro at 25 ', two conclusions of M. Disappeared next to the 28 'and 35', a reversed half of Levis over the crossbar at the 37 'and a great blow of the same Levis deflected in the corner to the 45' ... Closed with a slight first half practically dominated, let's play a shot with greater tactical attention, looking for the utmost attention not to risk surprises but not sparing anything at the level of energy in the offensive phase, leaving no stone unturned to get to the goal of doubling ... which does not arrive anyway, despite the attempts of S. Well, punishment parade to 47 ', D. Zampieri, shot from a distance to the side of a breath to the 66 ', three conclusions of Levis to the 73' and 86 '(parades from G. Vittone) and 80 '(high shot on the cross after good assists of S. Martinoli). Only some timely and punctual outputs to intercept long throws by our extreme defender L. Brancaglion during the second part of the match. Net victory well beyond the final score therefore, which had as "icing on the cake" the return to the field, in the final half hour, Simona Martinoli, back to all effects on the green rectangle from which it was absent for months. Recovered now fully after the surgery to the foot has now been able to return to enjoy the football played, with thirty minutes more than positive ... Well found! With his return, preceded by that of M. Guard two weeks ago, remain two of our precious athletes still forced to follow the matches from the tribune, S. Morello and M. Calandra, which we expect with open arms presumably for the second round, both back from an intervention to the anterior cruciate ligament. Unfortunately, they were added to them. Toniolo, who in the last six races has remained on the bench only to cheer up close for his companions, as a victim of a troublesome back problem. The importance of having a broad and complete staff, able to meet every need, is always evident and relevant.




1) L. BRANCAGLION - Careful and focused, no smudging.

2) C. MACHIERALDO - Once again precise and determined the right, blocks the direct adversary cues with authority. FROM THE 92 'M. GUARDIA - It replaces the injured partner in the final ...

3) M. BONIFACIO - For me his best game since the start of the season. Come on, run, advance, all these features today! Brava!

4) B. ANSELMO- Greater tactical sacrifice than usual, with less continuity and precision in the play ... Let's say that by now has accustomed us to do much better, today has remained in the normal. FROM THE 65 'I. GIORDANO - Bring freshness to the midfield with the new tactical situation of the last thirty minutes, good and constant, try also the way of the goal.

5) M. FANTON - A very good race, very tonic in the first half, less lucid (due to the obvious drop in energy) in the second half, also suffers countless fouls, many of which are not sanctioned by the referee.

6) S. POZZO - Tampona when necessary, doubles on sporadic attacks by opponents, kicks punishment and referrals, manages with experience the important moments of a race that remains in balance until the 93 '. Good as always.

7) D. ZAMPIERI - An hour from outside with great continuity (his assist for the decisive goal), half-hour final by pure midfielder with great determination, breath and attention always remarkable until the final whistle. Crucial!

8) M. PITZALIS - Many balls regained, a rampart of midfield also useful in the setting phase. Very positive!

9) G. BOSCARO - Giulia's performance is very good! Fight on each ball, dialogue with the companions and go to the shooting ... Only the intersection of the poles denies the joy of the goal! FROM THE 65 'P. ROMITO - A final half-hour to be framed. Grintosissima, presses the opponents and plays several balls. He is fit and proves it.

10) MS LEVIS - Difficult for anyone to limit it, today the opponents succeed in some occasions with double and sometimes tripled markings, but nevertheless it manages to reach the conclusion at least in 8 occasions ... A single goal, but still decisive!

11) M. DEMARGHERITA - Performs the best tactical task, engages properly and actively participates in the offensive maneuver. Growing. FROM THE 65 'S. MARTINOLI - As previously said, his return was more than positive. He played the final half hour (however delicate given the score) with experience and tactical authority.



Comment by Claudio Viglione

In the photograph: Prisca Romito

Enrico Manassero
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