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The landlords are obliged to win to take full advantage of the rest of the leaders Luserna, the guests must instead confirm the excellent impressions aroused in the start of the season. With these premises the Musiello Saluzzo-Casale match is staged, and at the end sees the landlords come out winning after a pleasant and hard-fought race.

The guests who make themselves dangerous at 5 'with Avanti, Malosti para without difficulty, start strong. Mellano shakes the landlords by committing Carnival head first and seeing himself retuned a safe shot from Falato at the 14 '. The nerostellate press on the accelerator and the Saluzzesi try to start again on the break, not always successfully. At the 19 ', Maiorana is landed at the edge of the area, takes charge of the forward joke that brings the team ahead thanks to an error of assessment of Malosti. The landlords shake and try to raise the rhythms. Minetti, once again among the best in the field, offers to the companions inviting assists but first Paoletti, at 25 ', and then Mellano, at 28', arrive with guilty delay. At the 30 ', Lovera beats a free kick from the trocar, Paoletti pounces on the ball, which on the left flight makes another Eurogol to add to his collection of seasonal feats. The Casale can not react, all its initiatives are well neutralized by Drammis and Cursi while Tortone, although influenced, easily contains the Avanti. At the 33 'Minetti tries, but inexplicably tries the assist for a companion face to face with Carnival. A couple of minutes later, Bianco receives from Minetti: a strong but central shot, Carnevale para. It is only the prelude of the goal of White that at the end of the first half wins a contrast in the middle of the field and exceeds all the defense of Casalese by beating Carnival out.

In the second half, the Casale can not keep the rhythms of the landlord and already at the 48 'succumbs for the third time: Mellano in the area turns in a semi-spilled a delicious assist of Minetti. The guests accuse the blow and drop dramatically allowing the Saluzzo to play steadily in the opposing half of the field by creating more than one occasion with Cursi, 49 ', saved, Paoletti, 52', out of little, Minetti, 62 ', high and again with Paoletti, at 64 ', outside. In the middle also a penalty missed by Paoletti at 57 'which leads to six shots from the eleven meters failed by the girls of Mr. Musiello on the seven granted in season. The guests try some offensive sortie with Avanti and Maiorana trying to coach their comrades like 65 'when Triassi misses the deflection for a breath and Costa kicks to the side from a good position. On the other side we try Chialvo at 70 ', out of little and Minetti, at 71', with Carnival slashing in the corner. On the corner that results, Paoletti is ready for the deviation on the second pole, effectively closing the race and being forgiven for the error from the spot. There is still time to see Martinatto fail by two steps the fifth network, at the 79 ', and witness the pride of the nerostellate who try to worry unsuccessfully careful Malosti with Buzzoni from distance and with Larosa from the limit. End 4-1, with the landlords who resume the run-up to Luserna awaiting the direct clash that will be played between two Sundays.

Musiello Saluzzo: Malosti 5,5, Drammis 6,5, Cursi 6,5, Giordano 6,5, Lovera 6,5, White 6,5, Torton 6 (from 50 'Martinatto 5,5), Mellano 6,5 (from 75' Dutto SV), Paoletti 7, Chialvo 6,5, Minetti 7 (from 45 ' Goletto SV). Available: Triolo, Giordanino, Fanelli. Coach: Musiello

Casale: Carnival 6, Falcon 5,5, Minato 6 (from 66 'Larosa 5,5), Hernandez 5,5, Schillaci 5,5 (from 55' Buzzoni 5,5), Costa 6, Triassi 5,5, Avanti 6, Gabba 6,5, Maiorana 6,5 (from 77 'Pirrone SV) , Garbagnati 6. Available: Zucca, Ferrato, Cascino. Coach: Lorenzini

Networks: 19 'Next (C), 30' and 72 'Paoletti (MS), 44' White (MS), 48 'Mellano (MS)

Notes: Musiello Saluzzo 19 (11 in door), Casale 8 (5 in door), 11 (MS) 6 (C) corners.


In the photograph: Monica Malosti

Enrico Manassero
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