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In the match-clou of the women's C series, two of the most popular teams for the championship win face off. It ends with a draw deserved by both sides, obtained after an angular race and badly governed by the race director who at the end of the 90 minutes counts on his score well 7 ammonite and one expelled.

The first half sees the two teams face off, well aware of the stakes. The game is pleasant with opportunities from amio the parties. Opens the Paoletti dances that, on the launch of a new-found captain Chialvo, passes the very narrow Bretto marking and is stretched out. Everyone is waiting for a disciplinary measure that does not arrive, the protests are vibrating but the race director does not intervene. They spend only a few minutes and at the 7 'Mellano supports for Chialvo that leaves from outside the area a bolide that surprises Milone, too far from the poles. Fortified by the enthusiasm of the advantage, the landlords push on the accelerator but Bretto helps with the craft on Paoletti also thanks to the laxity of the race director causing the protests of the tip of Saluzzo that is admonished. On the opposite side, the Gueli is loaded on the shoulders of the whole team and first we try on punishment, parade easily, and the 12 'harpoon a launch of Dema, goes to the bottom and leaves a cross that incredibly surprising Triolo. The draw further revitalizes the race and we witness a "male" but pleasant game. At the 26 ', Paoletti receives the ball back to the goal, gains a bit' of space on the Bretto and lets start a round shot that goes into the seven: Eurogol and Saluzzo again ahead. The Juventus reaction is vehement and first brings the Boniforte, then the Benatello and the Gueli to the conclusion, without however precision or luck. At the 27 ', still Paoletti frees himself in the area at the invitation of Mellano and is extended by Bretto, nothing happened to the referee. At the 35 ', launch of the Longhin, control with an arm of the Gueli that the director does not sanction, entered the area of ​​the bianconeri attacker extended by Giordano. The referee once again wears the role of Pontius Pilate and lets it run. At minute 40, Mellano is touched hard by Cardone, the referee does not make decisions and Saluzzo outside is forced to leave the field with a sore ankle. The first half is now expiring and the result does not seem to change until the second half. It takes a carelessness of the central couple of the marquisate that takes advantage of the Gueli at the 44 ', check and jump even Triolo depositing comfortably on the network. The football game basically ends here and in the second half another race begins filled with fouls, mutual impropriety and inadequacy. In the midst of kicks, pushes and elbows, you can glimpse of the pleasant race that was, with Benatello to finalize without precision a good Juventus maneuver at 50 '. At the 64 ', Gueli invents for Usseglio, but badly wastes kicking out. A minute later, at 65 ', exaggerated expulsion of Trapani, just entered, for kicking an opponent from the ground preventing the rapid recovery of the game on the side foul. The Saluzzo responds with White who at 70 'sails on the band and crosses the center where Martinatto arrives at the appointment with guilty delay. The game is broken and the competitive spirit grows, whose excesses are almost never sanctioned by the black jacket. Drammis charges that the 71 'is hit by a ball elbow away and must be replaced. Both formations fight with character proving teams of high technical caliber and also characteristically untamed. Juventus, outnumbered, is exposed to the initiatives of Saluzzo but fails to frame the door. The last chance happens on the head of a paired Paoletti who tries to crap on Lovera's free-kick but the deviation is weak and inaccurate, easy prey of Milone. It ends with a substantially fair draw that legitimizes the aspirations of both teams for the final promotion.

Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo 5,5, Cursi 6,5 (from 85 'Giordanino 6), Drammis 6,5 (from 70' Fanelli 6,5), White 5,5, Giordano 5,5 (from 83 'Dutto 6), Lovera 5,5, Tortona 6,5, Mellano 6,5 (from 44' Martinatto 6 ), Paoletti 7,5, Chialvo 7,5, Minetti 5,5. Available: Malosti

Juventus: Milone 5,5, Falcon 5,5, Cardone 5,5, Giuliano 6,5, Bretto 6,5, Longhin 6, Ienolpoli 6,5, Dema 6,5, Boniforte 6 (from 58 'Usseglio 5,5), Gueli 8, Benatello 6,5 (from 53' Trapani 5). Available: Pagliano, Zola, Tomei, Rigoni, Gilli.

Networks: 7 'Chialvo (MS), 12' Gueli (J), 26 'Paoletti (MS), 44' Gueli

Ammonite: 13 'Paoletti (MS), 16' Minetti (MS), 27 'Bretto (J), 59' Dema (J), 72 'Cursi (MS), 78' Fanelli (MS), 90 'Gueli (J)

Expelled: 65 'Trapani (J)

Notes: TIRI: Musiello Saluzzo 19 (6 in goal), Juventus 21 (10 in goal), ANGOLI: Musiello Saluzzo 7, Juventus 4.


In the photograph: Angela Drammis

Enrico Manassero
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