Musiello Saluzzo - Femm. Juventus

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Musiello Saluzzo - Femm. Juventus 2-2

Transfer to Saluzzo for the girls of Bonvegna on the field of the team that, together with Luserna, leads the series C ranking. Nervous game, but very fun in the first half full of emotions. At the 6 'minute the home team took the lead: ball to Paoletti who leans back to Chialvo that just outside

area lets start a pitched pitch that bypasses our Milone. The reaction of our girls does not wait and the 9 'Gueli on punishment touches the post; all'11 'still Gueli is wedged on the right and leaves a cross shot that bypasses Triolo and returns the result in a draw. At the 16 'a shot of Mellano retorted comes just outside the Paoletti area that is not to pray and with a powerful rasoterrra severely committed Milon who saves deflecting for a corner. At the 25 'the Musiello takes the lead with a photocopied goal of the first: it is the Minetti this time to serve the Paoletti that from the edge of the area can turn and climb over with a precise sloping Milone. The girls of Bonvegna pour out in search of a draw and build good opportunities. Giuliano at 34 'sends out a little, Dema at the 38' kicks first intention just outside and Boniforte from good position is seen to foil the shot from Triolo. At the 44 'comes the deserved draw, thanks to a great play by Cardone that is invented a precise launch for the Gueli, with the coldness that sets it apart, awaits the exit of the goalkeeper and shoves it with a precise low shot. After 3 minutes of recovery the referee sends the teams into the locker room for a well-earned rest. In the second half the two teams do not give up trying to give them the whole prize, but the game is less fun and more nervous. The admonitions are fired, at the end will be 4 for part, Trapani to 65 'after a contrast in midfield you see the red card waving and leave the companions in 10 for the remaining 25 minutes. Our girls still create good opportunities, to report those happened to 47 'in Ienopoli shooting at the stake, the 48' to Gueli with a beautiful free kick, the 57 'still Gueli who sows panic in the opponent's defense and concludes with a cross in area, on which Boniforte and Giuliano can not intervene. The girls of the Musiello become dangerous at 61 'with a shot just outside the Paoletti and 77' with a dangerous shot of Chialvo. The most dangerous opportunity of the second half happens on the feet of Usseglio at the 63 'which, with a precise diagonal, shaves the pole. At the end of the match both teams have to regret the lack of victory, but undoubtedly confirm to be part of the restricted group of favorites for the final victory.

For Musiello Sporting Director Mr. Rubiolo, the draw is the right result obtained by two teams who have interpreted the race well. The Musiello could do better in the defensive phase, but that's okay.

Mr. Bonvegna hoped for something better: "We knew we were going to a difficult field, the girls did not start determined and concentrated as I wanted. We suffered the nets due to our lack of attention, when we started playing as we should, we made two good goals, the first one a bit lucky, but the really positive thing is that we never gave up. We were not able to impose our game, we missed the ball and we were also not very precise on goal. In the second half the inexplicable expulsion of Trapani has ruined the game that got nervous, however, even in numerical inferiority we held well and we could equally win ยป.

Women's Juventus Turin: Milone, Falbo, Cardone, Giuliano, Bretto, Longhin, Ienopoli, Dema, Boniforte (57 'Usseglio), Gueli, Benatello (53' Trapani). Available: Pagliano, Zola, Tomei, Rigoni, Gilli. Coach: Bonvegna. Ammonite: Benatello at 14 ', Bretto at 26', Dema at 58 ', Gueli at 89'. Expelled Trapani at 65 '.

Musiello: Triolo, Cursi (85 'Giordanino), Drammis (71' Fanelli), Bianco, Lovera, Giordano (83 'Dutto), Tortone, Mellano (43' Martinatto), Paoletti, Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Malosti. Coach: Musiello. Ammonite: Minetti at 15 ', Lovera 73', Fanelli at 78 ', Chialvo at 94'. Markers: 6 'Chialvo (M), 11' and 44 'Gueli (J), 25' Paoletti (M).


In the photograph: Serena Giuliano

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