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Romagnano - Musiello Saluzzo

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The Musiello Saluzzo returns from the trip in that of Romagnano with a precious point and the belief that, even if not playing at a very high level, you can also make a result with the favorites to the final victory of the championship. Mister Giuliano Musiello prepares the race well by opting for a cautious 4-5-1 but done on

fit for the opponent with Triolo in the goal, defense formed by Cursi, Giordano, Lovera and Drammis, thick median line with Mellano, Tortone, Chialvo, Bianco and Minetti to support the only tip Paoletti. Ready and immediately a bad tile hits the Saluzzesi: Emanuela Bianco, in fact, must abandon the playing field because of a muscle trouble, in its place Fanelli enters. The Romagnano tries to attack in the spaces with the offensive trio Zignone, Graziotto and Medina in splendid form while the marquises rely on the banks of Paoletti to carry on the center of gravity of play. The first real opportunity, after two outsize conclusions of Graziotto and Zignone, happens on the head of Tortone that develops on the corner of a corner beaten by Mellano undisturbed and found a great answer by Notaristefano. The balance reigns supreme and most of the maneuver stagnates in midfield where some physical fights show the desire to win both teams. At 40'pt comes, like a bolt from the blue, the net of advantage for the landlords with Medina that starts between the lines, tip Lovera and pierces Triolo crossing the conclusion. In the second half Giuliano Musiello opts for a change of form with the inclusion of Martinatto in place of a contrived Lovera and the new entry immediately risks to insert its name on the scoreboard with a conclusion from the edge that laps the pole. The Saluzzesi try to recover by exposing themselves naturally to the counter-attacks of home with Graziotto, Medina and Tuberga not aimed for defects of aim. Thus, in full recovery and on the developments of a corner, Musiello Saluzzo finds the net of a deserved draw: Minetti has a good position finding a great response from Notaristefano, the ball remains in the area and the fastest is Mellano which bags to the delight of the white-green supporters rushed into the Novara area. The triple final whistle marks the end of this big match, for the Saluzzesi an important point that allows you to keep the top of the standings.

ROMAGNANO: Notaristefano 6.5, Buccella 6, Giannetti 6.5 (48'st Soragni sv), Nidasio 6, De Nicolò 6.5, Soncin 6, Zignone 7 (31'st Tuberga 5.5), Zaretti 5.5, Medina 7, Pella 6, Graziotto 6.5. A disp: Veia, Mazzei, Iato. All: Decaroli

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Trix 6.5, Cursi 7, Drammis 8, White sv (18'pt Fanelli 6.5), Lovera 6 (1'st Martinatto 6.5), Giordano 6.5, Torton 7, Mellano 6, Paoletti 6.5, Chialvo 6, Minetti 6.5. Available: Malosti, Giordanino, Dutto. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 40'pt Medina (R), 47'st Mellano (M)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Stefanie Fanelli

Enrico Manassero
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