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The joke is accomplished

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Medina-serene-romagnanoROMAGNANO - MUSIELLO SALUZZO 1-1.
Not enough a Romagnano as generous as wasteful to be able to return to victory in the series C championship. Filed the bad stop of Casale Monferrato, the grenades are back to their levels of the game, but the key to the final 1-1 with Musiello Saluzzo all lies in the inability to close the game. Leaving aside the mere final result, one thing is certain: if the match with the Cuneesi was used to give answers under the character profile, the response is certainly positive. The Romagnano can play it all the way, starting from the next Luserna trip, made even more difficult by the certain absence of Zaretti and Buccella. As usual, Decaroli focuses on the proven 4-3-3: Notaristefano in the door, Buccella, De Nicolò, Nidasio and Soncin in defense, Giannetti, Pella and Zaretti in the median, Zignone, Medina and Graziotto in attack. The start of the race is very comforting for the colors garnet: Giannetti and companions give a great deal, the defense seems well recorded, the midfield alternates with order the two phases and the attack seems in the ball. The first occasion of the meeting, however, is a guest brand, with Notaristefano careful in deflecting for a corner the Paoletti penalty at 10 '. At half-time Decaroli's offensive trident makes the rehearsals of the goal: at 23 'Graziotto insinuates himself in the opposing defense, but widens the left-handed, while at 26' Zignone badly impacts a cross from Medina from the left. The most glaring occasion, however, is for the guests: at the 28 'corner of Mellano and Tortone it hits the head from a meter away, exalting the reflexes of Notaristefano. At the 39 'the race is unblocked: Pella launches Graziotto, the first bank for Medina who is focused and makes a left in the corner. Graziotto shoots high at 40 ', then Ciriolo sends everyone into the locker room. The second half is a monologue of the landlords: at 5 'Graziotto does not hook an assistant to Zignone in front of the goalkeeper, at the 10' the same Graziotto, launched by Pella, does not frame the left door. At 13 'Triolo rejects a punishment of Zignone and repeats a few moments later on a right from Graziotto from a tight angle. At 19 'Medina sinks centrally, but his left is central. Then at the 24 'it's up to Zignone not to close the game by running weakly left on the launch of De Nicolò. At the 37 'Triolo is good guard on a shot-cross of Medina, then at the 43' is Tuberga to be seen to block the road from the goalkeeper on the passage of Graziotto. Nothing would foreshadow the draw, but the Musiello Saluzzo at 46 'kicks three consecutive corners and on the developments of the last Notaristefano performs a miracle on the close touch of Mellano, but takes advantage of an error in disengagement of the premises and reiterates in the network. The joke is accomplished.

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella, Giannetti, Nidasio, De Nicolò, Soncin, Zignone (83 'Tuberga), Zaretti, Medina, Pella (92' Soragni), Graziotto. Available: Iato, Mazzei, Veia. All .: Decaroli.

Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo, Cursi, Drammis, Bianco (22 'pt Fanelli), Lovera (1' St Martinatto), Giordano, Tortone, Mellano, Paoletti, Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Malosti, Dutto, Giordanino. All .: Musiello.

Referee: Ciriolo di Novara.

Networks: 39 'Medina, 91' Mellano.

Notes: ammonite De Nicolò and Buccella.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Serena Medina

Enrico Manassero
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