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juventus-house-girlThe path of Juventus with a clear victory resumes after the rest turn. The team faces the commitment with the right determination and puts the result in the safe in the first part of the race. At the 6 'minute the first goal chance happens on the feet of Boniforte who intercepts a loose ball

just inside the area, but kicked a little to the side. At the 9 'is the Casale that engages Milone with a shot of Larosa launched on the break. At the 12 'Bretto invents the finishing touches and with a perfect assist Gueli serves in front of the opposing goal, a formality for our Pamela to realize the 1 to 0. At 22 'a free-kick just outside the penalty area kicked by Gueli ends just above the crossbar. At 32 'the Casale defense free centrally after a hitting attacking action on the left, on the ball comes Dema that, left guilty alone from the opposing defense, has time to check and leave a precise pitch that goes beyond the goalkeeper Carnival carrying the result on the 2 to 0. At 39 'Dema with a free touch plush Gueli in the area that does not forgive Carnival and makes the third goal. The girls of Bonvegna could close the first half with poker but Boniforte's header at 45 'on a corner kicked by Gueli ends up a little high. In the second half the girls of Bonvegna are limited to check and there are few opportunities for goals that can create, the clearer builds the Ienopoli 68 'finding a corridor where to launch Gueli, this time the defense of the Casale uses all the trade and also something more and manages to dirty Gueli's shot that ends out. At the 75 'the Casale shortens the distances with Avanti correcting with a heel kick a corner kick kicked by Maiorana. From here to the end, Juventus controls without taking big risks and enter the precious 3 points.

At the end of the match the manager of Casale Bussetti declares that the team played a bad first half while the second one satisfies him. The regret in his opinion remains that which can not be allowed to give a whole time to a team like Juventus. The team suffered from the absence of center-forward Gabba and central defender Schillaci. The result is right, the Casale is still satisfied for the results achieved to date.

Bonvegna underlines how the team has responded positively to his expectations for this meeting: "We were called to make a result with Casale back from an important result and we succeeded, it was not an easy game as we met a team galvanized by the victory obtained with the Romagnano. As with the Astisport we started well and we managed to close the game in the first half, in the second we had a mental decline but not athletic, in fact we have repeatedly shown to hold all the minutes and 90 very well. In the second half we went a few times in difficulty and we took a goal on football placed for carelessness. I'm still satisfied with the girls' test ».

Juventus Women's: Milone, Falbo, Cardone, Giuliano (61 'Trapani), Bretto, Longhin, Ienopoli (84' Rigoni), Dema, Boniforte (65 'Tomei), Gueli (88' Pagliano), Benatello (89 'Gilli). Available: Ronchietto, Palmero. Coach: Bonvegna.

Casale: Carnival, Falato, Minato, Hernandez, Maiorana, Costa, Triassi (70 'Pumpkin), Avanti, Larosa, Buzzoni, Garbagnati. Available: Ferrato, Cascino. Coach: Lorenzini.

Ammonite: 80 'Costa.

Markers: 12 'and 39' Gueli (J), 32 'Dema (J), 75' Next (C).


In the photograph: Jessica Bretto

Enrico Manassero
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