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Asterix - Musiello Saluzzo

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Good victory for the female Musiello Saluzzo who, on the field of Asterix, gets another roaring victory for 1-5. Mister Musiello opts for an innovative 3-4-1-2 with Malosti between the posts, Chialvo, Giordano and Drammis in defense, Minetti, Tortone, Fanelli and Mellano in the median, Martinatto and Paoletti forward supported by Bianco. They start better, as was logical to expect, the Saluzzo with Martinatto that by a whisker can not capitalize a perfect cross of Minetti. The offensive green white push is superior and on several occasions the net of the advantage is touched by Mellano and Paoletti. The landlords, instead, rely on the long throws towards Primizio, good thanks to its physicality to retain the sphere. The 31'pt crashes when, surprisingly, the Asterix takes the lead on the development of a corner with Anastasi. The illusion lasts a few minutes, until Martinatto does not verticalize perfectly for Mellano that face to face with the goalkeeper is not wrong. The doubling comes in a similar way to the 41'pt, again by Mellano, on this occasion assisted by Chialvo. In the second half the theme of the game does not change and the Saluzzesi push on the accelerator to close the contest. The opportunity comes to the 7'st when White, after a fine central incursion, is stretched out by Cicconi out: the race director can not do anything but decree the penalty and expel the home defender. White appears from the disk, hypnotized by the new Cammarata entrance. A real curse that of the penalties of the Saluzzesi who struggle to find continuity from eleven meters. So it's up to Enrica Paoletti to close the match at 18'st by taking advantage of a loose ball in the penalty area on the developments of a corner in Mellano. The landlords melt and collect the fourth network the next minute by Minetti who downloads a free-kick from the edge. The race is practically closed and Musiello Saluzzo plays on the velvet centering also the fifth network still with Minetti, able to capitalize at best a pass filter of White. So we arrive at 40'st when another penalty is awarded to Saluzzo for a foul on Paoletti: this time the execution takes on Malosti, who sees the conclusion intercepted by an 'on-fire' Cammarata. The triple final whistle decrees the solitary summit of Chialvo and companions who, taking advantage of the rest of the Romagnano, see the other teams line up behind them.

Asterix: Ciccone 5,5 (7'st Cammarata 7,5), Jocallaz 6, Tumelero 6 (36'st Del'Aquila sv), Dreon 6, Favarin 6, Furnace 5,5, Rubicon 5,5 (21'st Galla 6), Anastasi 6,5, Rubino 6,5, Voirzio 5,5 (12'st Reina 6), Primizio 6 (30'st Di Nuzzo 6). All: Musacchio

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti 6, Drammis 6,5 (34'st Giordanino sv), Fanelli 6 (1'st Dutto 6,5), White 6,5, Martinatto 6,5, Giordano 6, Torton 6,5, Mellano 7,5, Paoletti 7, Chialvo 6,5, Minetti 7,5. A disp: Triolo, Lovera. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 31'pt Anastasi (A), 35'pt Mellano (M), 41'pt Mellano (M), 18'st Paoletti (M), 19'st Minetti (M), 26'st Minetti (M)

NOTES: White Ammonite, Tumelero. Expelled Ciccone (7'st) for last man's foul. Cammarata for penalty in White (7'st), Cammarata for penalty in Malosti (40'st)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Francesca Mellano

Enrico Manassero
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