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Juventus - Romagnano

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Playing against a team called Juventus always has a certain effect, even when it comes to women's football. If then you can even beat it and gain the head of the standings overtaking it, then the satisfaction is double. Just this happened on Sunday in Turin, with the skilled Romagnano to return to the summit after only one week of abstinence. However, Sunday's results show that unbeatable battleships do not exist.

The Luserna grabs the equal in the final with Cossato, Asti struggles in Biella, the Cit Turin is a penultimate surprise. In the midst of all this stand out the gun attack of the Musiello (11-0 all'Aosta) and the granite defense of Sesiane that falls against Juventus after 326 ', excluded recoveries. A good show of strength that of Captain Giannetti and companions: on a field of a direct competitor the approach to the game was almost perfect, as evidenced by the 0-3 of the interval. Wanting it could be syndicated on the two goals conceded, but despite the double numerical inferiority there was still a valid and ambitious opponent who never gave up, even in nine against eleven. Proof that it is worth double if one thinks of the absence of the promising Deborah Soragni and of the persistent lack of the historical captain, Valentina Lomazzi. Decaroli knows the importance of the game and returns to the old, opting for the 4-3-3. Notaristefano to protect the posts, Buccella, Nidasio, De Nicolò and Soncin in defense, Zaretti and Giannetti mastini in midfield alongside the playmaker Pella, Zignone and Graziotto offensive shoulders of Medina. The first half is something spectacular, perhaps never seen in the last years in the home garnet: the defense is not wrong a movement, the midfield attacks and starts quickly, in attack Medina is possessed, Zignone and Graziotto combine technique and speed. The result is three goals and another sensational failure: at the 18 'Medina imitates deep Graziotto that is more than just Milone. At 24 'the doubling of Zignone with a cannonate left-handed Giannetti touch. At the 38 'the trio, still Graziotto, always on the cut, even if it is Zaretti to dress the role of the assistant-woman. And Juventus? Even the shadow of reactions, even at 46 'risk a resounding poker: Medina kicks a shot of his, the ball hits the pole, crosses the entire line and goes off on the other upright. Impossible to keep the rhythms of the first half, Romagnano knows it well and manages the game without smudging, taking advantage of the nervousness of the premises. The goal comes, at 56 'with a shot to bypass Benatello, but the enthusiasm betrays the girls of Bonvenga, since a few seconds later Usseglio is hunted for a second yellow card. The grenade returns to make the big voice, Milone is exalted in a couple of circumstances and, when you do not think about her, is the pole to deny twice the joy of the hat trick to Graziotto. Juventus, meanwhile left in nine for Zola's expulsion for protests, pulls out the pride and shortly before the recovery comes to the 2-3 with Boniforte, well served by Gueli. But for the comeback it is too late.

At the end of the race, Mr. Davide Decaroli was at the end of the match: "An extraordinary first half, difficult to ask for more, all the girls did their part and they deserved the victory, but also congratulations to Juventus who tried until the 95. suffer less if he had entered at least one of the three center poles, but that's okay, the performance was very positive.The first place? Let's enjoy it, now we have the break that will allow us to recharge the batteries.

Juventus: Milone, Longhin, Falbo (40 'Cardone), Trapani, Bretto, Zola, Tomei (55' Boniforte), Giuliano (80 'Gilli), Usseglio, Gueli, Benatello. Available: Camarchio, Pagliano, Ienopoli. All .: Bonvenga.

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella, Giannetti, Nidasio, De Nicolò, Soncin (85 'Iato), Zignone (75' Veia), Zaretti, Medina (75 'Tuberga), Pella (87' Mazzei), Graziotto. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Angelino di Nichelino.

Networks: 18 'and 38' Graziotto, 24 'Zignone, 56' Benatello, 89 'Boniforte.

Notes: expelled to the 57 'Usseglio for a double caution, to the 68' Zola for irrelevant behavior towards the referee; ammonite Usseglio and Giuliano in Juventus, Giannetti, Pella, Buccella and Mazzei in Romagnano.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Martina Pella

Enrico Manassero
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