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The girls of Mr. Giuliano Musiello lord in the field and mistreat the unfortunate Aosta, a team that in the last season forced the Saluzzesi to an internal draw that at the end of the season cost dearly to the landlord. The draw takes just four minutes, the time for Chialvo to enter the area and be landed.

Giordano takes charge of the bar that is seen to reject the shot from Mognol. On the slam the most difficult is Mellano who pounced on the ball and also scores thanks to a deflection in melee that puts out the goalkeeper Aosta Valley. Guests experience a reaction but the landlord's rhythm does not allow them to create games. In the first quarter of an hour there are at least 5 clear opportunities for the Saluzzo, all thwarted by Mognol, up to 15 'with Mellano that collects a valuable cross of Tortone and doubles. The game basically ends here with the Aosta that remains passive before the offensive maneuvers of the vicious owner of the house. At 24 ', White draws in the Paoletti area that marks the 3-0. At the 27 ', the only sore point of the day, Lovera is injured on the development of one of the few offensive guest offenses. For her a probable distortion to the left ankle. Captain Chialvo retreats on the defensive line and Minetti enters, author of a capital test. At the 35 ', Minetti imitates Martinatto, who anticipates his marker and scores with a precise diagonal low shot on which Mogol can not do anything. At 43 ', reversed roles and Minetti marks the 5-0 on Martinatto's assist. In the second half, the young girls from Valle d'Aosta can not react and the Saluzzesi do not stop playing. In the first two minutes, Paoletti and Mellano hit two poles, Martinatto shot just wide from two steps, Mellano shoots up from a tight angle and Tortone touches the post. At 11 ', Minetti invents Paoletti to head bag, 20' Martinatto in solitary action sowing two opponents and deposited in the network. At the 29 ', still Minetti invents for Paoletti scoring on the fly from close range, to the 31' White Minetti fishing that is not wrong, to 38 'other cross of Minetti and Paoletti scores his personal poker by returning the assist to Minetti 41' for the definitive 11 to 0. Proof of strength then of the Musiello Saluzzo that settles a blow to the young Aosta Valley, too compliant and inexperienced to oppose resistance.

Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo SV, Drammis 7, Giordanino 7, Giordano 6,5, Lovera SV (from 31 'Minetti 8,5), Tortona 7 (from 48' Fanelli 6,5), Mellano 7,5, White 7, Paoletti 8, Chialvo 7, Martinatto 7. Available: Malosti, Cursi.

Aosta "Le Violette": Mognol 6,5, Mussel 5 (from 63 'Pugliesi 5), Bernetti 5, Roveyaz 5, Perrin 5,5, Bari 5, Scano 5, Suffredini 5, Castellan 5,5, Hiscock 4,5, Coccimiglio 5,5 (from 68' Licordari 5). Available: Salluard.

Networks: 4 ', 15' Mellano (MS), 24 ', 56', 74 ', 83' Paoletti (MS), 35 ', 65' Martinatto (MS), 43 ', 76', 86 'Minetti (MS)

Notes: shoot Musiello Saluzzo 39 (21 in the door), Aosta "Violets" 4 (1 in the door), corners 18 (MS) 3 (AO).


In the photograph: Chiara Minetti

Enrico Manassero
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