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Juventus - Romagnano

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benatello martinaJUVENTUS - ROMAGNANO 2 - 3

The row of victories of the girls of Bonvegna is interrupted against the Romagnano. The team can not stem an overflowing Graziotto very fast striker of the Romagnano, and without even noticing it is found under three networks at the end of the first half. Reaction of pride in the second half, the competitive effort is not enough to put the game back on its feet, also due to the excessive nervousness of some girls who get kicked out of the court by forcing the team to try the comeback in 9 against 11.

First goal of the guests at 18 'minute when the Romagnano midfield recovers ball and spins Graziotto leaving our Falbo in place and bag for 0 1. Doubling for the guests at 24 'with Zignone that converges towards the center and lets start a poisoned dish that surprises the talented Milone perhaps slightly out of position. At 30 'finally the first real opportunity for ours, Bretto launches Usseglio that is wedged in the opposing defense and touches the goal with a shot that just over the crossbar. At the 38 'Graziotto manages to get rid of Falbo (not in perfect physical condition) and with a photocopy of the first goal he signs the personal double by bringing the goals ahead of Romagnano to 3. The girls of Juventus accuse the shot and risk the defeat at the second minute of recovery, when only the post saves Milone from the fourth capitulation on the shot of Medina. In the second half the girls of Bonvegna enter the field with another determination and find the goal at 56 'with a precise pitch pitch of the ever doma Benatello. It only takes a minute, and with the team finally aware of being able to still play, comes the cold shower of the expulsion of Usseglio in the attack area comes hard from behind on an opponent procuring a sacrilegious admonition that added to the one remedied to 32 ' of the first half forced the referee to show him the red card. As if this were not enough, Zola at the 68 'will take care of further complicating the recovery of the Bianconeri girls, redirecting the direct red for protests. Despite the team in 9 the girls of Bonvegna do not give up, the numerical inferiority offers some opportunities to the opponents that are canceled by at least two prodigious parades of Milone and one minute from the end manage to further reduce the distances. Gueli, a girl who never gives up, fishing in the Boniforte area that even checks and bags. The 5 minutes of recovery granted by the race director, see the nine bianconeri girls remained in the field, generously looking for a draw, the final assault also participates the goalkeeper Milone who goes up in the opposing area to give manforte to the companions, first on a free kick and then on the last corner in favor, but the result does not change and the first defeat arrives.

Mister Decaroli, considers the performance of his team excellent and underlines the perfect first half, which should have allowed his girls to suffer less in the final, the only regret is not having been able to close the game before. There is, it is part of football the nervousness of the Bianconeri girls, that there were not losing the game, but stresses that there were no hard interventions between the girls. He concluded by complimenting the Juventus team but not concealing his own ambitions he declares "We are here and we will fight to the end".

Mister Bonvegna takes on all the responsibilities of the defeat. "I probably did not prepare the game properly, the girls were soft and nervous, maybe I loaded them too much and they were affected by this. Great regret that my girls started to play as they know only when they are nine, for what I recognize as sacrosanct expulsions. I must say that if it was not for the excellent performance of Milone we risked to take other goals, but the girls of Romagnano did not outclass us in the game, they did the game in the first half using experience and aggression, we will have to work from Tuesday to fix all those things that did not work today "


Ammonite: 32 'USSEGLIO, 60' GIULIANO Espelled: 57 'USSEGLIO, 68' ZOLA


Ammonite: 57 'GIANNETTI, 69' PELLA, 73 'BUCCELLA, 89' MAZZEI

Markers: 18 'and 38' GRAZIOTTO (R), 24 'ZIGNONE (R), 56' BENATELLO (J), 89 'BONIFORTE (J)


In the photograph: Martina Benatello

Enrico Manassero
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