Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Cit Turin - Cavallermaggiore

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Cit Turin - 0 Rider - 2

The positive series of the Cavallermaggiore continues that after three draws in a row centers its first victory in the championship against a Cit Turin in full crisis of results. Mister Bonetto, devoid of Griglio and Pegoraro, redesigns the front of the team entrusting the full weight of the attack on Ferrero's shoulders, supported between the lines by Olivero and Comino, for an unprecedented 4-3-2-1 (the famous " Christmas tree "of ancelottiana memoria). The Cavallermaggiore starts very well and builds interesting game lines, putting the Turin rearguard under constant pressure. At the 15 'Comino brushes in the middle of the area a free kick from three quarters: Murialdo bursts in and sends out a breath. Five minutes later the result is unlocked: Ferrero, caught well by Comino, turns to the edge of the area and lets go a left that goes in the back row. The Cit Turin reacts vehemently to the disadvantage and builds a lot of play with Casella in the middle and Tosetto on the wing: the latter escapes several times to the marking of Gazzera and puts in the middle dangerous balls that the Turin forward can not exploit. The girls of Mr. Bonetto lock the ranks and start off again; at 43 'Ferrero escapes in the defender's speed and puts very close to the side. The second half opens with the doubling of the apies: Giacosa fishing fine Ferrero leaving his marker on the spot and beats the goalkeeper with a precise low shot. The double advantage reassures the visiting team that is limited to check the game and look for the goal with quick rebounds that in at least three / four occasions could lead to 3 0 but Ferrero (strong but central shot), Giacosa (big blow from outside the area on which Stocchino is overcome) and Mazzoleni (left that ends just outside) can not find the shot of the definitive KO. "A test of my girls' maturity - says Mr. Bonetto - who today have proved to be a real team: they suffered, struggled but also and above all played for long stretches a good football.A name by department: perfect Murialdo in defense, Tosa insurmountable in midfield and Ferrero amazing in the restart but really compliments to all for the commitment shown in the field ". On Sunday at 15.30, among the walls of San Giorgio, a Cavallermaggiore in good shape awaits the Biella, team always difficult and dangerous.

Cit Turin: Stocchino, Lombardi (40 'Neri), Bandiera, Basta, Grasso, Pitzalis (55' Rubini), Tosetto, Gallo, Filipoiu, Casella, Naples. Available: Desantis, Meaglia, Ghezzi, Biondillo. Coach: Clear.

Cavallermaggiore: Borgna, Gazzera (60 'Lauria), Pesante, Tosa, Straffi, Murialdo, Olivero, Giacosa, Comino, Graglia (70' Mazzoleni), Ferrero. Available: Salvatico, Azzan, Fasciani. Coach: Bonetto.

Networks: 20 'and 50' Ferrero

Roberto Montan

In the photograph: Noemi Ferrero author of the shotgun

Enrico Manassero
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